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Prevent Web Security Breaches with the Assistance of Sitelock

Businesses that depend completely on Internet and online transactions are vulnerable to scam and stealing. It is actually difficult to track cybercriminals or hackers as they are prowling in secrecy. They use a tricky means to target the large companies as well as the small and medium scale companies. Unfortunately, for each web security provision you place, there is a hacker who is able to break through. However, by engaging in a multilayered approach to website protection, you can minimalize the probabilities of a critical security breach.

Sitelock is one such company who is known for offering the best level of website security protection for the business owners. The company understands the challenges that the business owners face in terms of keeping the website secured at all times and thus they have introduced the unique website security solutions that can help in keeping the website safe and secured and prevent the security breaches from taking place. Sitelock is the only provider that provides total cloud based website protection that finds and fixes threats automatically. In addition, the provider ensures that the PCI standards are met and future attacks are prevented. 

Before opting for the Sitelock website products one should know about the key products that Sitelock offers since today there are certain companies who offer Sitelock Scam services that are not legitimate. 

The vast ranges of products offered by the company are listed below:

  • Sitelock SMART or Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool: It joins over FTP or SFTP, identifies new or suspicious malware, operates through the firewall, and reports suspicious files, uses equal to three concurrent connections for effectiveness.
  • TrueCode Static Application Security Testing (SAST): It identifies backdoors and vulnerabilities in custom and third-party code applications, abridges safety by highlighting the faults to repair first and highlights susceptibility in the code and makes easier remediation.
  • Sitelock INFINITY: It offers a vast range of benefits which include continuous scanning, finding and removing malware almost instantly, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and offering limitless professional support.
  • TrueShield WAF or web application firewall: It is known for offering protection against threats such as SQL injection, broken authentication and session management, security misconfiguration, cross site scripting, missing function level access control, sensitive data exposure etc.
  • TrueSpeed CDN or Content Delivery Network: This enables the customers to access the website in milliseconds in spite of where they are located. The other benefits offered by TrueSpeed CDN include improved browser experience, instant CDN activation, usage of 40 to 70% less bandwidth and complete security.
  • Sitelock PCI Compliance: The Sitelock PCI compliance program offers the quickest and stress-free way to meet PCI security necessities for businesses who take credit card payments.
Thus, it can be concluded by stating that in order to prevent web security breaches one should not fall into the trap of Sitelock Scam. This can be done by verifying the credentials before depending on any of the products that are offered by Sitelock to ensure finest security.
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