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Qualities That Make An Outstanding Masseuse

Your masseuse is one of the few people who you really don’t know but get really close to you physically. Their job requires them to get into your personal space like very few other strangers can do. This means that finding a great masseuse would be very helpful, and being able to ask for that masseuse when you go to your favorite Singapore Spa makes such a difference in your spa experience.

A lot of you, if not all, have probably had a bad spa experience. Maybe your masseuse didn’t apply any pressure and you feel like you wasted your money. Maybe your masseuse was too rough and hard on your body than you felt you were going to be sick the next day.

We all go through these things, which is another reason why finding the masseuse that fits your needs is very important. It saves you the time of having to explain what you need every single session, and it saves you money too because you already know that you will get what you paid for. Here are some things you should look for in a masseuse:

Asks About Your Specific Needs

While a lot of people go to spas for a massage therapy, not everyone wants the same thing out of the experience. Some people may have a headache that they want to relieve. Some people may be experiencing back pain. Some may just want a general stress release experience. It is important to have a masseuse who can cares enough to actually ask you what it is you need. Do you want light pressure or hard pressure? Do you want more time spent on your back or the time to be spread out evenly? These are important information that will make your therapy more satisfying and effective.

Follows Your Instructions

Now, of course the masseuse should be able to follow the specifications that she has asked you. It would be no use for you to tell her that you want more time spent on your upper back if she doesn’t really follow this. You may need to try several masseuses from your favorite Singapore Spa before you find the perfect one, but it will be well worth it.

Gentle And Relaxing

When you tell a masseuse to apply hard pressure, that doesn’t mean that they should be rough on your body. They should just apply more pressure but still move in a gentle and relaxing manner. You are going to a spa to relieve pain and stress, not to add to it.

If a masseuse is being too rough on your body, you can make them aware of it. If it doesn’t improve, you can just tell the manager about this in a polite way so as not to get the masseuse into trouble but just so they can give her ways to improve.

Friendly And Approachable

Some people want their masseuse to be chatty so they can talk and chit chat while having the massage. Other people don’t really want to talk but want to either sleep while getting the massage or just enjoy the experience in silence. Either way, your masseuse should be friendly and approachable.

Even if you don’t want to talk during the session, you should still feel comfortable around her enough. As mentioned above, your masseuse is going to be one of the very few strangers who can get into your personal space. This makes it vital for you to be comfortable with her.

Of course masseuses get tired. They use their fingers and their body to do their job and they usually don’t get a lot of rest in between sessions. But if you have a masseuse who is complaining that she is tired or that there are so many customers, this negative energy is counterproductive to what you went to the spa for.

You're there to get relaxed, not to absorb someone else’s negative vibes. It is part of the masseuses’ job to still face each person with a smile and with energy. This is not just nit picking because their energy and aura actually affects yours too. If you have a positive masseuse, this will help in alleviating your stress and pains as well.
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