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The Truth: Steel Vs Wooded Buildings

Construction minded consumers have engaged in a debate over the last 60 years. The question at the center of the debate is "Is steel or wood a better building material?"

Comparing Steel To Wood
Although steel building construction has only been around for the last 60 years, in recent decades metal construction has become increasingly popular. Metal buildings first became popular along the eastern coast. However, today metal buildings are common throughout the United States. The metal buildings Kansas and other midwestern states first popularized were primarily related to agriculture and livestock. However, today metal buildings serve many functions in every corner of the nation.

Steel buildings have grown more popular because they are more economical than traditional wooden buildings. Additionally, steel construction can also be designed and erected much faster than wood construction can. With that said, there are still some benefits unique to wooden construction.

Steel Buildings Benefits
With steel construction, you can save your building from deterioration at the hands of insects such as termites and carpenter bees. Pre-fabricated steel buildings also significantly reduce the amount of waste encountered during construction. Because of their easy maintenance, steel buildings also enjoy much lower insurance premiums.

Wood Build
The primary difference between wood and steel construction is the dramatically increased cost of the former. Wooden buildings take longer to design and construct. Once constructed the wood will rot, crack, split, require maintenance, and be susceptible to insect infestation.

Wooden structures are also damaged more easily by storms, weathering, and fire. Because of their vulnerability to the elements, wooden buildings have higher insurance premiums and lower appraised values.

Despite its limitation as a building material, wood has its advantages when used in construction as well. One of wood's primary advantages is the customization it offers consumers. For very specific designs, wood may be the best material to work with.

The Debate Continues
Although the debate continues, it is clear that steel is in many cases a superior building material. Faster construction times, lower costs, and easier maintenance continues to make steel construction popular across the United States. We predict, that in the coming years, steel construction will continue its rise in popularity for the many advantages it offers to the average consumer.
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