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Top Notch Features and Full Review of Hero Duet – The family scooter

There are veryfew two wheelers which are considered to be unisex and one of them is Hero Duet. After its split with long time partner Honda, it was one of the few independent vehicles launched by Hero. Its diverse looks, metallic body, varied colors and styles makes it stands out from rest of the two wheelers.  In this detailed Hero Duet review, we explore the various features of this amazing scooter that makes it worth your money.

Best features of Hero Duet

There are numerous things to talk about in the new Hero Duet but below are the features that completely stand out. If these features are your priority, you must definitely go ahead and buy it. Let's read the Hero Duet review to know more about it.

Design and Style

In the current times, the design and style of the scooter is a huge deciding factor while purchasing. The Hero Duet is designed keeping the youth in mind but it won't disappoint the older generation as well. The scooter aims to create a fine balance between both of them.


It has a 110cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder, OHC engine, air cooled with maximum power of output 8.1 bhp at 8000 rpm and 8.30 Nm at 6500 rpm of maximum torque. The mileage of this pretty two wheeler is around 45-55 kmpl which is pretty good considering how economical its price is.

External Fuel Filling

The fuel tank is behind the seat so one doesn’t have to get up from their seats every time while filling the tank which is an added advantage and ensures better comfort.


The meter is combined with both digital and analog consoles. The combination of digital and analog console makes it different from other scooters. It also adds up to the design and style of the scooter.


The headlamp is in front of the handle bar. The indicator light and the headlamp is integrated together at the handle creating an impressive look.


The seats are very comfortable and one can enjoy their pleasant rides. The seats has some space under them to keep useful items while you travel.

Mobile Charging Port and Boot Light

While riding one doesn’t have to worry about low battery on their phone because the two wheeler has a mobile charging port to charge their gadgets. It also has a boot light under the seats which can come in handy in low light regions.

Tubeless Tires

It has tubeless tires which quite reduces the chances of sudden rupture while you are riding. It also has an integrated braking system with drum brakes at both the ends which is pretty good. These features make riding the scooter safe no matter how the road conditions are.


Hero Duet is available with a variety of colors like Candy blazing red, Pearl silver white, Grace grey, Matte vernier grey, Nature green, and Panther black.


Although the final pricing of the scooter will depend on the dealer you will purchase your scooter from, the official prices by Hero has been released. The ex-showroom price for Hero Duet is Rs. 48,600 and the on road price for the scooter is around Rs. 53,700.

The Last Words

Hero duet, a unisex gearless two wheeler is available in a variety of colors and is quite affordable too. With is unique features and style, it’s also widely considered as a family scooter. If you are looking to buy a new scooter, the Hero Duet would definitely be a great choice to make.
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