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3 Strategies for Choosing a Health Career Path

The field of healthcare is experiencing one of the greatest shortages of qualified workers in recent years. 2015 research conducted by Sterling reveals that the number of senior citizens is set to increase and that many different facets of healthcare will soon feel the pinch. If you are considering a career in healthcare, the shortage of workers may mean that you will have the choice of many different paths, from nursing to radiology to a career in specialty medicine. If you are unsure how to choose, there are a few strategies for finding the path that suits you best.

1.     Pick Your Passion

While it may seem like a given that you should choose a career you will enjoy, many people go into a field because they were pressured to do so or for the salary. However, going into a particular healthcare field for these reasons may result in a great deal of unhappiness. Instead, consider where your passions lie. A networking report from USC Online reports that individuals should research the fields they are considering; however, factoring in what interests you can be just as important when it comes to choosing a profession you will be involved in for the long term.

2.     Consider Your Goals

Before you choose a healthcare career path, it is a good idea to consider your goals, whether they are long or short-term. For example, if you are thinking about going into pediatric health care, is your goal to open your own practice, become a pediatric nurse, or work at a children’s hospital? Realizing your goals is vital to advancing your career and finishing your education efficiently.

If you need to map out your goals, it may help you to do a bit of research on the field you are considering. Accessing information from online mha resources, for example, may help you learn more about the diseases and conditions you might treat or encounter in your field. The more you know about what is involved in your career field, the more prepared you may feel.

3.     Weigh Hands-On Work vs. Administrative

Because there are so many different healthcare career choices, you may want to ask yourself whether an administrative or hands-on job will suit you better. There are many branches of each, and your skills, education, and temperament may all factor into your choice.

If you want to be a community leader, have strong communication skills, and are interested in being an executive, then you may want to become a hospital administrator. You will staff one or more hospitals, recruit doctors, and be responsible for answering the community’s questions about your facility. However, if you crave excitement, want to help sick or injured individuals, and are interested in human anatomy, you may want to become an emergency medical technician or registered nurse. This is a choice you should make before you begin your education, as it may save you time and money later on.

Choosing the healthcare career path that is best for you can be a challenge and there can be much to puzzle out. However, with a little planning and a frank evaluation of what you want for your future, the choice can be a simpler one.

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