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How To Join The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Every year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gets thousands of applications from college graduates. While this law enforcement agency prefers to employ candidates with a specialization in field criminal justice, applicants in other majors can also join this organization. Aspirants with unique skills in the area of foreign language proficiency, engineering, accounting, computer science and law have a better chance of qualifying as agents of this agency. Therefore, it is imperative for anyone who wishes to join the FBI to possess the above exemplary skills.  

Suggestions from a reputed FBI agent

Adam Quirk is a former FBI field agent and reputed professional in the field of criminal justice with more than 15 years of valuable experience. During his illustrious career as law enforcement officer, he has worked in collaboration with many reputed state and federal law enforcement organizations such as US Drug Enforcement Administration.  Today, he is the owner of a company by the name of Stealth Advise LLC in America. He gets his inspiration to serve the cause of justice from various espionage fictions along with influential works on criminology. The Adam Quirk FBI team is a name to reckon with in the United States for its commitment and dedication to bring criminal offenders to justice.

Prior experience

This criminal investigator says that an aspirant needs to have three years prior work experience in as a law enforcement officer at the state level before he/she can apply for the post of an agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Moreover, it is imperative to note that the applicant should receive exceptional recommendations from their former employer and have excellent work experience as law enforcement officer. Only then can such a candidate consider applying for the post of an FBI agent. Moreover, exemplary performance in the field of duty will give such an applicant an advantage when selection board considers their application.

Being aware of the entry programs

Applicants needs to be aware that the FBI has specific entry programs, which all candidates have go through in order to qualify for the post of field agents. The applicants will then go through various training programs based on their specialization at the graduate level. The various disciplines that these training programs cater to are information technology, legal studies, computer science, accounting and language. In addition to this, the FBI has other programs for candidates who have the necessary qualifications and skill sets that this organization demands but do not technically meet the criteria for the above categories.
The FBI also gives preference to candidates who posses critical skills in diverse fields like law, computer science and have a background in the military as a special forces personnel dealing in tactical operations. 

Apart from the above qualities, applicants should be able operate in a team, be both physically and mentally fit and aware of the current world events. In America, the Adam Quirk FBI is one of the outstanding teams in the agency and an inspiration for other applicants to follow.  
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