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How to Remotely Spy on Android Smartphones without even touching it?

Mobile phone spying or mobile surveillance is a process, which exploits various info/data obtained from a targeted device secretly, to track, monitor, and record various actions done through the device. Nowadays, the online world is highly populated with advanced spy software tools that are capable to hack and track all the locations the device checked-in, multimedia data, conversations and even the specific person’s social media activities such as Facebook posts, WhatsApp conversations, Snapchat pics, etc.These spy software programs come with numerous discreet features that are usable for parents, who like to monitor their children, on what they are doing with their computer or mobile phone; and for the government agencies and police officials to identify and track people, suspected to do any illegal activities.

The utility and need for smartphones have been enormously increasing every year. Therefore, improvements and developments are made in the mobile technologies to make it more sophisticated and affordable, day after day, especially on the Android platform. There is a large share for the Android platform in the global smartphone market. Due to this, the spying techniques are also highly developed for Android mobile phones. Thus, we have a massive list of android spy apps today, which are improvised periodically to match the rolled-out OS upgrades.

Android Spy Apps

Though there are too many spying apps for Android, available nowadays, installing them on the targeted device is a crucial step for anyone, as you will have to access the device secretly. Previously, the spying processes were done by bugs and Spywares, which required to get the device at least once in your hand, to install it. But, the process of spying through mobile apps, which doesn’t demands you to even touch the targeted device once, has gained an extensive popularity at present. These apps propose a new kind of installation process, called ‘remote installation’, where you could install the spyware on the device without even touching it. Hence, this makes it possible to monitor almost every Android smartphone with the spy app for android without target phone, which has the ability to function on their own. The following are some the important functions of the spy apps,
  • Call history monitoring and call recording
  • SMS tracking
  • Location tracing
  • Social media monitoring (Facebook, Twitter and more)
  • Tracking messenger conversations (WhatsApp, FB messenger, Viber, Line, etc.)
  • Browsing history monitoring
The app, which contains all the above features, should be the best spy app that could deliver what you expect. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous mobile spying apps for Android that are made available in the Google Play Store. Let’s see some of the efficient ones from those:


mSpy is a mighty option to remotely spy on your targeted person’s device and is globally popular for monitoring, and tracking Android/iOS devices. This app carries out all spying activities seamlessly with advanced features, making it easy to use. However, it is claimed that you will need to physically access the targeted device for about 15 minutes, to install it. Once it is installed, you would no more require to get the targeted device on your hands.


It is one of the best spying app for Android, which consists of several features. Especially the ability to monitor more than 19 kinds of messengers, is an unique property of this app. This app requires rooting of the target phone before you could remotely install it, which they are likely to assist with a technician. Though the technician could remotely install the spy software, you will need to get your hands on the target phone physically during the installation for a considerable period of time.

Truth Spy App

It is a decent spying option to remotely track various activities from the target phone. It features various spying capabilities such as SMS tracking, spying on social media activities, location tracking, call recording etc. It also offers to view the audios, videos and photos from the target phone.
When it comes to spying smartphones via software programs, many people were wondering ‘how to spy on android phone without installing software’, few years back. The developments and improvements made to the spying techniques and applications over the recent years, has made it possible to remotely spy on the devices and even to remotely install them, to certain limits. However, tracking a device without even installing the spyware is still a difficult one. There are many ongoing researches based on this and would be probably made possible in future.
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