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DHEA can replenish multiple of physical and neurological disorders

DHEA is the short form of Dehydroepiandrosterone. This hormone originates from the adrenal gland, and in the brain. In the brain, it develops in very small quantities. DHEA helps in the production of the two important sex hormones, viz. androgens and estrogens, which are male and female sex hormones respectively. As such, it is too important for both the males and females. The levels of DHEA, begin to decrease after 30 years of age, and after 45, it is created in the body in minute quantities. It leads to many physical and neurological problems in both sexes, as the levels of sex hormones also goes down simultaneously. If for any other reasons, the levels of DHEA decreases, many disorders and diseases may surface, like hormonal disorders, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, diabetes, immune disorder, and osteoporosis, etc.

Relation of DHEA to testosterone
Studies have revealed a close relation between DHEA and testosterone. DHEA appears to increase testosterone significantly, when taken in regulated doses. It is also found that DHEA helps to maintain the levels of this male hormone during exercises and prolonged workouts or any other physical exhaustion. Normally, when people perform any types of physical activities, testosterone is used up significantly. So, after a competition, practice session, or hard physical labor, the levels of testosterone go down, which can be replenished with the help of DHEA supplements.
Benefits of DHEA
Here are some mention-worthy benefits of testosterone -
·    Increases strength in the muscles, and bone density: DHEA is extremely active in increasing bone density, and muscle mass of the body. Due to different reasons, like the side-effects of some medicines, due to some illnesses, obesity or overweight, depression and stress, hard physical labor, etc. bones in the body lose strength, and density. For the same reasons, the muscles in the body also lose strength, and flexibility. DHEA has the capacity to replenish the basic deficiencies that are actually causing such problems.
·    Important steroid for weight loss and increasing muscle mass: DHEA has three primary functions that help in increasing muscle mass and fat burning capacity of the body: increasing metabolism, maintaining insulin levels in the blood, and stimulating the lipolysis process of the body. Thus, excess fat in the body decreases, lean mass increases, and the muscles gain mass. These features of DHEA are really important for the bodybuilders and athletes.
·    Controls inflammation: Inflammation is the primary cause behind many problems or diseases in the body. It is also behind many age-related physical, neurological, and psychological disorders. DHEA can control inflammation by increasing the levels of sex hormones and increasing the metabolism of the body.
·    Controls cognitive functions: The steroid works wonderfully in the central nervous system to rectify many cognitive disorders. It doesn’t act in the brain directly, but helps the hormones related to brain functioning to perform appropriately so that common cognitive functions remain normal. Doctors also use it to treat diseases like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
Doses of DHEA
Doses depend on the diseases or purposes for which it is to be used. For improving bone density or muscle mass, 50-200mg of the steroid is given every day. In case of HIV/AIDS, higher doses of DHEA, something in between 1000-2000mg per day is administered. In the therapeutic uses, the doses range between 50-100mg per day.
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