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Online Timesheet Reporting and Storage

Keeping accurate records of who you pay and who pays you is critical when it comes time to gather tax information for filing. Having everything in one convenient location will keep you from storing numerous files that could get lost in the shuffle. Bring your way of doing business up-to-date with technologically advanced online timesheet and invoice management.

Get Rid of Paper Timesheet and Invoice Systems

Paper timesheets and invoices are nothing short of a hassle. They can get lost, torn up or completely forgotten about. Generating new timesheets or invoices on the computer can take up valuable time. Using a service that is dedicated to time/payment information and storage is a solution that is accurate, detailed and easy to use.
Complete Online Timesheet Reporting and Storage

Employees can submit timesheets as easily as sending a text message. It maintains a record of hours and days worked, services performed and you can set the approval process, whether it is approved by one person, or several. Employees are notified by email when their timesheets have been looked at and approved. All information is safely stored for future retrieval, if needed.
Easy and Dependable Client Invoicing

The great thing about using a system like this for invoicing is the flexibility and customization it provides. You can add your company logo and payment terms on each invoice sent out. Each invoice will detail how much is being charged and for what service or product it relates to. All invoices will have a unique, sequential number. This type of system will assist with VAT, reverse-charge VAT and foreign currency. You are saved from the headaches of worrying about overseas taxation calculations. All information can be easily exported to your favorite accounting software.

Easy-to-Use Mobile Site

Having the ability to deal with timesheets and invoicing from a smart hone is priceless in a busy world. The ability to submit and approve timesheets and invoices on the go saves time and frustration. A good mobile site will allow you to view and exercise control from a small screen, without a hitch. It can be your accounting assistant on-the-go.

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