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Understanding the Hazards of Free Web Hosting

Business website is an essential aspect of any enterprise and no online enterprise can exist without one. This underlines significance of an efficient and reliable web hosting service that can be considered as backbone of any enterprise’s online existence. Webhosting is a serious business that requires proven expertise and dedicated technical support staff to make sure that clients’ web projects are always up and running.

You can come across all types of web hosting providers and some of these are also offering free web hosting services. It may seem to be too good to be true and therefore the following article attempts to dig deeper into demerits of free web hosting.

Relevance of web hosting 

It takes great amount of technical expertise and massive financial resources for hosting a web page. Management and operation of web server is a complex job and providing incessant uptime, power, cooling, and security add to the intricacies of web hosting. This is the reason why majority of enterprises choose to avail specialized services of web hosting providers to manage their online presence. 

It is obvious that the hosts will be charging for offering such expert services that require round the clock sever monitoring and incessant uptime guarantee. Then one wonders how the free web hosting can be offered by some of the service providers. 

How much free is free web hosting 

Every business exists and thrives to earn profits. Web hosting business is certainly no exception to this. It is observed that some companies use free web hosting as an initial offering for limited period that can also be termed as a trial period before the website owner decides to purchase regular web hosting plans on satisfactory completion of the free trial. Some of the service providers present free web hosting to sell their other services including domains name and so forth. 

Lack of trustworthiness
One must be careful before choosing free web hosting services because there is good number of deceptive services that may not be able to provide continued services after the initial honeymoon period is over. 

Most of the free web hosts are trying to grab clients by hook or crook and are actually run by unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Due to paucity of financial resources, these services can cause your website to go through extended periods of downtime or slow page loading issues. This can severely affect your bottom-line. 

Piggyback ads
Many webhosts lure the clients with free web hosting offers only to push advertisements on their web pages. This will rob you off your right to host advertisements for earning some quick bucks. Free hosting should not be chosen if you plan to earn money through advertisements. 

Even if you plan to keep your site clean with no disturbance of ads, your web host that offers free web hosting would not let you to keep your site free from ads. At times, your website can be used to show inappropriate ads that may be detrimental to your business. 

Free web hosting can never be offered as free in the true sense of the word. These services would deprive you of many vital features such as a corporate blog, social media plugins, domain names, and so forth. Free web hosting can turn out be costlier than paid web hosting.
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