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5 popular cold canapés to serve at your next party

Serving canapés is a great way to satisfy and impress your guests. Cold canapés are the best, as there are endless variations and they can sit out for the duration of the party. Read on for 5 of the best cold canapés to serve which also cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions.

Canapés are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to a party. If you are hosting any kind of social event, you should consider a selection of these hors d’oeuvres to serve your guests – this is a great way to both impress and satisfy their hunger. One of the benefits that serving this popular snack brings is that there are so many types available, so all tastes can be catered for. Cold canapés are ideal as they can sit out and people can enjoy them throughout the evening. Here are 5 popular cold canapés that you should consider serving at your next party:

Mini club sandwich

Although not as daring or impressive as other types of canapés, it is a great idea to serve mini club sandwich canapés. The majority of people enjoy eating sandwiches, so this is a safe option if some of your guests are not too experimental with food. You could opt for classic options like smoked salmon with cream cheese, ham and mustard or egg and cress. These sandwiches can also be more filling than other types of canapés.

Open prawn with tomato mousseline on white bread

Prawns are considered to be a sophisticated snack and they work brilliantly as canapés due to their small size. This popular canapé sees the prawn combined with a tantalising tomato mousseline, creating a delicious and bold flavour that your guests are sure to love. Canapés like this can be difficult to prepare yourself, so you may want to consider canapés delivered London services from a reputable caterer.

Tomato, basil and mozzarella bamboo

It is important to consider dietary restrictions, so you should always have a few non-meat options for vegetarians. This is a superb choice as the three classic ingredients work perfectly together to create a mouth-watering and fresh snack. Serving on bamboo ensures that they are clean and easy to eat.

Stilton mousse with pecan nut, fig puree on blinis

Another great vegetarian option that meat eaters will also enjoy, this unique blend of stilton mousse with pecan nut and fig puree is unlike any other taste. Bold canapés like this will always get your guests talking. This is also a popular snack for cheese lovers.

Parma ham on ciabatta with parmesan shaving

Another classic combination of Parma ham and parmesan, which is served on top of tasty ciabatta bread - this is a canapé that any meat eater will find very satisfying. These are also easy to prepare and eat, unlike other types which can be messy.

Serving these 5 cold canapés will certainly impress your guests and cater to different dietary restrictions, ensuring that everybody goes home happy and full.
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