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Blake Charles Goldring

Blake Charles Goldring is the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer of the AGF management limited, which is the premier investment management organization located in Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States of America. Blake pursued the BA in economics and completed a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Toronto and the INSEAD in France. He is the member of Society of Financial Analysts in Toronto and also the Fellow of the Institute of the Canadian bankers.

He also serves as the chairman of the Canadian company called “many ways to serve” which is an apolitical organization that brings the community leaders across the Canada region whose main intention is to support the military of the Canada. In order to honor his dedication as well as the leadership ability that strengthens the bridge between the Canadian armed forces as well as the society of Canada, this honored him as the award recipient of VIMY. The Blake gold ring was also honored him as the Diversity champion of the Women of influence in Canada. Blake lives in Toronto along with his wife and three daughters, he loves to enjoy spending time in playing golf, tennis and the fishing and mostly in the outdoor games.

Professional contributions:
Blake has involved himself in the business community and has given a large number of contributions to the professional life. They are as follows:
  • He acts as the Director of the Institute of Howe.
  • He is the member of council of chief executives.
  • He is the member of Presidents organization.
  • He serves as the member of the IFIC Ad Hoc research committee.
  • He is also serving as the council member of the financial services alliance in Toronto.
Community Service:
Blake has paid his contributions to the various communities as well as he participated in the many causes. They are as follows:
  • He is the chairman of the Sunnybrook health science center.
  • He is the Director of the Film counter in Canada.
  • He is the chairman of the Canadian company.
  • He is the governor of the club in Toronto.
  • He is the member of the advisory board, Lawrence center and also the Ivey School of business.
  • He is the member of international alumni council.
  • He is giving his service to the united gateway of Toronto by serving as the member.
  • His portrait is also given at the alumni portal of the University of blake goldring agf, which can be known in detail at the link http://alumni.utoronto.ca/portrait/blake-c-goldring/.
Awards and the recognitions that are given to the Blake:
  • Blake has been given the honorary award recipient of VIMY in the year of 2014.
  • He has been awarded the honorary colonel of the army of Canada in the year of 2011.
  • He has been honored with the meritorious service medal that comes under the military division.
  • He has been awarded by the University of Toronto’s arbor award in the year of 2009.
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