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Today's world often pushes getting and acquiring a multitude of things expressly for self. It's not often that we hear too much about doing for others unless the season calls for it. As a result, it's easy to forget just how rewarding giving to others truly is. We grow in character and strength when we consider the needs of others in addition to ourselves.

Selfish Acquisition

Most of the messages portrayed by popular media focus on selfishly striving for fame, riches, and recognition. The winners in life are often the ones who strive to achieve, even at the expense of others, all in the name of trying to fulfill dreams. However, fast forward several years and these people are often not completely fulfilled by the fame, money, and recognition. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Material things and recognition have never added depth, value, and meaning to anyone's life.

The Value in looking Outward

We are all rewarded internally when we honor others by considering their needs as well as our own. Imagine the joy you feel inside when you watch the faces of your children as they open their gifts on Christmas day. Doesn't it feel like you just received a gift by watching their joy and happiness? The art of giving back is more of an attitude than an act. It's a willingness to share your good fortune with others.

It could be as simple as holding a door for a mother struggling to get her baby's stroller through it, or as complex as taking care of your grandmother after hip surgery. It really is the thought and the willingness that counts. The busy businessman who is flying out to Texas to look for short term furnished apartments portland texas may still delay his trip to help an elderly man struggling to check his luggage. Once again, it's an attitude that looks outward to help.

The willingness and desire to be of service to others are both rewarding and character-building. Selfishly pursuing our own goals and dreams yields short-term joy and happiness. It adds to our stature to help others in both small and large ways and gives back to us in ways that we couldn't even begin to imagine.
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