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The All-pervading and Universal Power of the Almighty

God is omnipotent (Omni - all, potent- powerful). He has the power and ability to anything. This power is exercised naturally and effortlessly. This means God can do whatever he wants. It actually means that he is not subject to any kind of physical limitations like man is. Being omnipotent, God has power over water, wind, physics, gravity, etc. God's power is limitless, or infinite.

Prophet TB Joshua who is the Founder of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations), has publicized that God is the source of all his powers. The pastor said that his church would not be flourishing if he succeeded in using demonic influences or powers. If he had been using occulted power, the churchgoers here would not have increased. If his mission there was not of God, it would not have flourished. Omniscience means all-seeing. God is all all-knowing in the sense that he is conscious of the present, past and future. Nothing and nobody takes him by surprise. His knowledge is complete. He knows all that can be known and all that there is to know.

Omnipresence means all-present. This word means that God is capable of being in all places at the same time. It means his celestial presence embraces the whole of the universe. There is no such place where he does not dwell in. This should not be mixed up with pantheism, which suggests that God is tantamount with the universe itself, instead, omnipresence points out that God is distinct from the universe, but occupies the entirety of it. He is everywhere all at once.

When one says that God is omniscient one means that He knows all things, present, past, and future, even our most secret words, thoughts and actions. God's knowledge is not expanded one like ours, by ensuing step by step from things known to those indefinite. By knowing Himself perfectly, God knows from perpetuity all things past, present, and future, and even all things imaginable. Every mortal, in its actions, rests on entirely on God, and any goodness in creatures is but an inadequate reflection of God's perfection. Through His interminably perfect knowledge God knows the degree to which creatures share His perfections.

According to Prophet TB Joshua, he could not have succeeded in using demonic powers to cuckold foreigners assembling into his church. Joshua further revealed that over 100 years ago, a certain hunter, farmer and fighter named Balogun Okoorun prophesied that a young man shall surface from his clan, who would be famous powerful, and would have a throng of followers. He was from Oosin Quarters of Agbaluku, at Arigidi Akoko and this man had predictive powers.

Supernatural revelation is the communication of some verity by God to a creature through means that are beyond the regular course of nature. For example, some revealed truths, the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, are severely beyond the power of the human mind. We could never know such actualities unless God publicized them. Other truths, for instance, the immortality of the soul, while not away from the power of the human mind, are objects of disclosure because God has revealed them in a supernatural way.
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