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Addiction Rehab: The Initial Phases of Recovery

Addiction rehab centers could be government-funded or private. These facilities are designed to assist individuals that are suffering from substance abuse and dependence. Individuals that have been grappling with addiction for quite a long period of time should admit themselves to a rehab facility because recovering from your addiction is not a DIY venture to start with. You need all the help you can get and an addiction rehab is the best venue to seek professional help right away.

Addiction Rehab Phases and Assistance

The admission process is the first phase to enter an addiction rehab facility. However, there are cases when an individual denies admitting the existence of his addiction or would refuse any help. External help is necessary and this is where an interventionist comes in. an intervention specialist is fully equipped with the knowledge, background, and experience to do the intervention, helping ensure the person of the changes that he will undergo and experience when the treatment is successful. The main goal of the intervention is to help the individual see and realize that a long-lasting recovery is the best option in life.

An individual is required to undergo detox before entering the facility and going through the main treatment program. It is imperative that the individual is first sober and cleanses of the substance in his system before he sets out for the addiction rehab treatment based on his initial assessment. Detox is a painful and excruciating process, making you experience the different withdrawal symptoms. Thus, professional and licensed physicians, nurses, and staffs are the only ones allowed and approved to supervise and administer the detox procedures. Without proper management and supervision, serious problems may occur such as permanent health damage, relapse, and death.

Personalized Treatment Programs

Completion of the addiction treatment program signals the start of the main treatment program. There are several treatment methods and therapies available for different individuals because clients have varied addiction stages and levels. The kind of treatment you must undergo basically depends on what your evaluation says. For instance, there are early onsets of addiction where the client is allowed to be an outpatient case while others need 24/7 supervision and monitoring, thus an inpatient or residential setting is required.

There are rigorous and intensive treatment programs available depending on the addiction rehab facility you enter. Some offer holistic approaches such as music, yoga, and art therapy while others provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. The main objective of a comprehensive treatment program is not just addressing the addiction but touching all other aspects of the person including his physiological, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological, and social state. A thorough treatment approach leads to recovery and minimal to zero chances of relapse.

A high-quality addiction rehab center is strongly focused on helping an individual achieve a long-term treatment and recovery. These facilities provide assistance not just to the addicted individual but his family and loved ones as well. Undergo the initial phases of treatment as you journey towards a holistic and substance-free lifestyle.
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