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Addiction Rehab: See the Signs, Stop the Problem

Addiction rehab programs and facilities are rampant in Canada. Addiction is a worldwide dilemma and Canada is on the frontline battling this fast-proliferating issue stemming from illegal substances. In the previous years, the Canadian government has initialized its efforts to reduce and finally put an end to the problem. The increase of rehabilitation centers that are government-funded and privately funded is an evidence of the initiatives in the country. However, every Canadian should also participate in the war against addiction and substance abuse and knowledge is one of the best weapons to equip you with.

Addiction Rehab and the Telltale Signs of Addiction

The first step in rehabilitation and recovery is to be fully aware of the drastic signs of addiction and substance abuse. The first people that should know the indicators of drug and alcohol addiction are the immediate family, friends, and colleagues of the addicted individual. The person should also know if he is already suffering from the grips of addiction and if it is high time to seek help due to these red flags.

What exactly are the signs of addiction? Addiction rehab is a necessity if you experience any of the physical, behavioral, and emotional signs of addiction.

The Physical Signs

The physiological state of the person is the first to suffer when the individual is already hooked to illegal drugs and substances. The daunting signs of addiction could manifest such as under- and over-active tendencies, repetitive speech patterns, red eyes, dilated pupils, eating habit alterations, and weight loss, among many others. The person changes his complexion particularly getting paler or getting undernourished. There are other indicators such as excessive sniffing and runny nose. An addicted individual eventually neglects his other basic activities such as personal hygiene thus you could instantly notice an unusual body odor or smell.

The Behavioral Signs

The person basically changes his behavior once addiction sets in. For instance, there is a dramatic decrease of the individual’s zest for life and sense of priority or commitment. An addict makes a crucial shift of value, neglecting relationships and activities that are previously of highest value to him. That’s why most substance addicts and dependents miss school or work as well as their other prior engagements. They have strained relationships and would badly behave that could result in brushing with the law.

The Emotional Signs

Addiction rehab is vital for a person especially if they have erratic emotional states such as being defensive, irritable, and confrontational. Addicts usually lack the disposition to deal with stress and would instantly become argumentative, resulting in quarrels and major disagreements with people around them. They become secretive and confused and are prone to denial and diversionary tactics.

Canada is still grappling with the ongoing problem of addiction in the country. However, the continuous efforts and initiatives of the government make a world of difference. Addiction rehab is a necessity that could help numerous Canadians turn their lives around and finally put an end to the life-altering and destructive addiction.
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