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Creative Excellence With SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam Combined

Mastercam is one of the most used CAD programs on the market. The unbeatable graphics and ease for the designer has earned the respect of parts milling operations worldwide. Combining this the preferred toolpaths offered by SOLIDWORKS is a winning combination you cannot pass up.

Never Start From Scratch

Creating parts includes learning curves that might mean having to revisit the design and added needed changes. How priceless is the ability to go back into a parts design, add changes and have the results be offered immediately? With Mastercam and SOLIDWORKS working combined you can make the needed changes without starting the design from scratch. This saves time and ensures you have all dimensions right. There is no guesswork involved.
2D and 3D Machining

There are times that designing the right tools is better using a 2D machining graphic. 3D machining graphics are preferred when it comes to moving parts. Mastercam and SOLIDWORKS allows you to do both well. You will not be disappointed by the clarity and you save everything to a library for future reference. This is perfect for the creation of parts that are not done often, but having the reference would be extremely helpful at the time. The finished toolpath is unsurpassed by any other program due to the quality of the end product. You will get superior cuts, turns and finishes.

Multiaxis Machining

Staying competitive means taking on the jobs that others find too difficult. Multiaxis machining is not something that every machining operation has the ability to do with precision. You will have the advantage in being able to drill, cut and rough multiple areas at one time, with provided collision prevention. Complex finishing will be a simplified process.


Basic finishing processes, drilling and cross contour can be perfected with ease, allowing you to ensure the integrity of the turn at any stage. Toolpath verification and Machine and Control Definition are reassurance that the job will be done right the first time around.

The Best of Both Worlds

The combination of Mastercam and SOLIDWORKS is the solution for any machining operation that is looking to contract the parts-making jobs that the competition may feel are too complicated for their experience level and equipment. This is one CAD program that will help you develop the perfect parts milling solutions.

Contact a Mastercam dealer like www.sierracadcam.com/products/ and find out how you can improve your ability to complete complex parts design projects easier.
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