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The Foremost Quality of an Art Dealer To Become Successful

Selling high value real estate, high-class automobiles or precious diamond rings and selling of art objects are not the same. Whereas art dealers are basically brokers or salespersons, however, when it comes to selling of an art object like legendary painting, carving or brilliant oil painting, just approaching an individual is not going to help. In fact, the very common words used in sales profession like ‘convincing’ or ‘publicity stunt’ don’t apply in the world of art. Thus, for Art dealers, it is mandatory that they should be experts in understanding all about art as well as the likings of the industry.

Whether they specialize in one or more areas, they must possess high degree of knowledge in that particular domain, without which it’s hardly possible for them to gather the best work of arts boasting their collection range. As per opinion of the prominent American Art dealer, also a great enthusiast of art, Mark Borghi, the inceptor and chief of Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery that having an eye to understand the great creations of famous as well as approaching artists is the foremost attribute that helps thrive as an art dealer.

The great enthusiast founded his first art gallery in New York City in the year 1998. With his superlative range of collections of paintings, pieces of sculptures, wonderful wooden carvings, within a small span of period, he won minds of art lovers from all across the US and other countries. Undeniably among the top recognized art galleries in the world, Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery is one. With a view to meet the increasing demand of his art collections, he opened its second space in Bridgehampton in 2004. This was followed by his third endeavor in Palm Springs, Fl in 2011. As a specialist art dealer for collections spanning from Post-World War II American period to Modern and Contemporary art.

Some of his remarkable exhibitions held in the recent years in his galleries include art works of the world noteworthy artists such as Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Christopher Wool, Larry Poons as well as Joan Mitchell. He has arranged exhibitions of the great paining collections of Hans Hoffman a number of times. Amid the modern age artists, Hofmann takes a significant place in the world of art. In 2014, Mark Borghi initiated a major retrospective exclusively on Hoffman’s master works and this was dedicated to the great painter. In 2017, once again, his gallery is about to display the work of arts of Hans Hoffman and Milton Avery.

According to many knowledgeable art enthusiasts that the specialty of Mark Borghi is that whilst most art dealers on average focus on arts of specific era, for instance the paintings or sculptures of modern age or pre-modern period or on contemporary paintings; with his oceanic knowledge and understanding about art, he offers people collections from world war period to contemporary age including the modern arts. As a prosperous art dealer, he has mastery to understand the fondness of buyers and most of them are his regular patrons.
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