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Best Meeting Rooms in Leeds

 Leeds has earned a reputation for being an educational hub as well as has a lot of companies set up here. Very often, clients and companies or even institutions keep looking for places to host conferences and meetings. It is critical in today’s day and age to have a conducive environment for working. You may require a meeting room for a seminar, conference, corporate presentations or business talks- whatever the need be; here are five best venues that provide meeting rooms in Leeds

1) Jury Inn Leeds
Located at a 8 minutes distance from the Leeds Railway Station; Jury Inn Leeds is a four-star property located on the Brewery Wharf. It's located in the city centre which makes it quite a feasible option to host large meetings. There are 248 rooms here if you wish to put up your guests and 4 different options for hosting conferences. They have a provision for catering capacity of up to 40 people and can accommodate up to 60 people.
2) University of Leeds
The University of Leeds boasts of one of the best campuses in the whole of Europe. MEETInLEEDS is the official name given to the meeting spaces and conference venues in the University. The place comes with an option of 100 different rooms making it one of the best on our list of meeting rooms in Leeds. At any time, about 500 people can be accommodated here, and there is also a provision for catering up to 1000 people.
3) Park Plaza Leeds
With 187 bedrooms, a catering capacity of up to 200 people and a meeting capacity of the same number; Park Plaza Leeds is a great option to consider when you are looking at organizing conferences which last longer than a day. It’s central location and accessibility makes it a great choice. The team here is extremely efficient and can draw out the events just the way you have envisioned it. With audio systems and projectors available on special demand, Park Plaza Leeds is definitely worth the money.
4) Well Met Conferencing
Well Met Conferencing follows the motto of conferencing smart. They take pride in clear communication and boasts of having an exceptional team that personalizes the event to fit perfectly in your requirement. The place comes with a catering capacity of 1000 people and an option of 11 different rooms as well. The delegate rates start daily at 15 pounds and 24 hours goes up to 85 pounds making it a viable option for hosting small gatherings.
5) The Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa
The Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa is a great option to consider while looking at the best meeting rooms in Leeds. If you wish to take your staff for a conference, where they can work hard as well as enjoy; then choosing this venue is a sensible step to take. The Daily delegate rates begin from 30 pounds approximately which go up to 112 pounds for 24 hours. There are 21 meeting rooms here, all suited for your needs. The meeting capacity of this place is 150 people while the catering capacity goes up to 160 people.
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