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Highlighting the Success story of a reputed Civil Engineer

Reddy Kancharla is one of the most popular civil Engineers who completed his graduation from the Osmania University and his masters from Texas Tech University in the year 1987.This reputed Civil Engineer became a certified quality auditor from the Bureau Vertias , Dubai, UAE in the year 1994.He worked in respectable positions in a number of firms and if you want to know more about his professional career, then given below is a list of the companies with which he was associated :

·         Worked at Vivek Builders:

Reddy Kancharla first started working as a Construction Engineer for a company called Vivek Builders. His main job role in this company was to design the residential and the commercial structures. After this he became a research assistant in the Texas tech university as his alma mater. In this University, he taught 50 -100 under graduate Civil Engineering students, details about the construction materials and testing produces.

·         Worked in Haller Engineering Associates and Testing Laboratories:

After two years of working as a research assistant, Mr. Kancharla started working as a Senior Engineer and laboratory director at Haller Engineering Associates and Testing Laboratories. This company was located in New Jersey. As a senior Engineer he took care of the structural designing and the failures, the foundation investigation, the structural failures and the designing of the different projects. He also undertook the corrective action plan for the various buildings and the railway construction projects in the New York City.

·         Worked in Dames and Moore:

 Mr. Kancharla had excellent management skills and leadership potential, and as a result of these skills, he got hired as a Projects Manager in Dames and Moore which is located in New Jersey. He was involved in the geotechnical investigations for the US Corps and the Chevron Corporation and also the US Coast Guard Facility in the Staten Island. He then became the Chief Engineer at the QA/QC firm.

Reddy Kancharla got involved in  a number of projects which include the USTA National Tennis Center, Bloomberg high-rise buildings in NYC and, Yankee Stadium, Giants/Jets Stadium, Goldman Sachs, Reuters and the 7 WTC. Three years after working as the Vice president of this firm, Mr. Reddy got promoted as the president of the company. As a president, he handled the entire operations and also the marketing and the business development of the country.

Apart from the above mentioned projects, Mr.Kancharla also has relevant experience in the field of corrective action planning, planning and managing many project elements and construction phases which include budgeting principles in relation to the building management and the civil construction projects and also the investigation of the remedial designs and the structural failures.

Therefore, it is very much understood from the above discussion that a reputed Civil Engineer like Mr. Kancharla will be able to deliver very good quality work and will also be able to provide the best and the most cost effective solutions to all the construction related issues.
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