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Quick Bottle Labeler

If your product requires a label to be placed on a bottle, you will be  happy to know that there is a Bottle-Matic cylinder label applicator that allows the label to be applied by a skilled and trained employee in under two seconds on most of the bottles!

Made in the United States and with a three-year warranty, the <strong>Bottle-Matic</strong> works by having cylindrical objects inserted into it and pressing a foot switch, a Micro-Switch, that activates the label. The bottle is quickly removed and another one inserted to start the procedure over again. More than 1,200 pieces per hour can be labeled with average dexterity.

Objects from .5? to 6? in diameter can be labeled, and that means from a test tube to a 1.5 gallon bottle. Cylinders can be labeled up to a 15? length or even longer if the item has a neck. Most tapered containers can be handled by a simple adjustment to the idle roller position.

The dispensing tables are formed from 6061-T6 aluminum. The peel edge is hand milled with the use of a hand-made cutting tool to get that needed perfect edge and action that will dispense the labels without tearing the backing paper. The tables are polished with an ultra-fine compound so that the paper will flow freely around the plate.

The <strong>Bottle-Matic-II</strong> enables labeling of different sizes of cylindrical objects on the front and back by setting the desired spacing by an index knob. The container is inserted and the foot switch pressed. The label is applied and then the machine inserts a gap and immediately applies the second label. The labels are fed between the dispensing tables and through the patented feed-roll assembly. Most wine bottles are labeled in less than five seconds!

Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers manufacture the two Bottle-Matics. That company is the original one with the specific design and technology.  They are also able to do any needed modification for hard to label containers although most containers do not find any modification necessary. 

To see the Bottle-Matic and the Bottle-Matic-II for yourself, watch for them to be present at trade shows both in the USA plus on May 4 through 10, 2017, in Düsseldorf Germany at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH for Interpack and on September 25 through 28 in Brussels, Belgium at the Brussels Expo For Label Expo Europe 2017.

Click here for more information and to be able to have any of your questions answered.
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