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Will Galaxy S9 be unexpected?

The recent launched Galaxy S8 / S8 EDGE unexpectedly powered with the new connectivity standard, talking more on the same topic, it has been discovered that occurs when you turn on Wi-Fi is a wireless connection to the network, but disable your access point. Hope, Galaxy S9 features will have the similar functionality of connectivity.

In Galaxy S8, there are Live two icons in the status bar. Further - more and more interesting. All connected to the Galaxy S8 phones are starting to use its Wi-Fi-connection instead of mobile data with it; up to this point it is never Wi-Fi-router scenario of mobile phones that are not used so widely. And, Samsung can bet all its wireless technology in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless specs, to whom it may need, and why, for example, when traveling, I often encounter a limitation on the number of connected devices in hotels. With the features of Galaxy S8, these restrictions on the number of units left in the past, now I'm writing lyrics, and a dozen of my phones hanging on a single connection through the Galaxy S8 EDGE.

And most importantly, I do not need to istle time and each enter their name, room number and leave a mailing address. Same story in restaurants, cafes and other places, where I can share my connection without having to enter Wi-Fi settings on each device., yes it’s Cool? Certainly. And, further improvements of this feature will definitely be the part of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Another question that this function is not so essential to the vast majority of people. The home is the ability to distribute your Internet to parts of the apartment, where not seek your router. At the same time, and to check whether to buy an ordinary Wi-Fi-repeater and whether it will work, here Galaxy S8 sounds like Wi-Fi repeater. Also, this is another one of the features that might be embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

As always, I believe, it is better to let the device will be additional features that are required less frequently, but when they are needed, you will be grateful to them than you have such functions will not. And you need a function Wi-Fi-repeater? The story doesn’t end here, Wi-Fi repeater would be just a basic functionality of Galaxy S9, as Samsung is going to incorporate more technologies advancements that will make Galaxy S9 to stand out in the crowd of phones.
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