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Get dosage tips on administering Anavar

Have you heard of the beneficial effects and side effects of using Anavar? What do you know about this dietary supplement? How long does it stay in your body? Can you get rid of its residues easily or would you need a PCT or post cycle therapy? What are the different price ranges? Which is the best offered price? Where can you buy Anavar from safely? There are so many questions which winds up in your head when you think about buying yourself a hormonal regulatory substance or a dietary supplementation product for either weight loss or muscle bulking.

Do you know that Anavar results in less libido and loss of hair in the individual? Is it true or a big hoax? A lot of experienced customers have reported of severe side effects resulting due to imbalances in the hormonal secretions, especially with respect to the regulation of testosterone in the body under the influence of Anavar. Anavar has been known to affect the sexual drive in both male and female users.

The product was originally developed by a pharmaceutical company named Searle in the year 1964. At that time, Anavar was claimed as a safe and mild acting anabolic steroidal compound that can be easily administered and tolerated by both children and women. But later it was found out that the drug can adversely affect the synthesis rate of testosterone in the body, which can in turn interfere with the fucntionign of your sexual organs.

How does Anavar work?

Due to its associated problems with testosterone production, many male users specially stack their Anavar doses along with some form of synthetic testosterone supplement in order to restore one’s fertile condition and higher libido. Anavar has been recognised as Class I anabolic steroidal product with very gentle actions, proving it safe for the consumers.

It has been generally noticed that individuals start experiencing change in their sexual drive after taking dose strengths of 40 mg per day or above. This is not entertained taking into account the health issues of the user. Therefore, you should always keep a check on the period in between doses to see whether or not you come across any undesired effects and even if you do, then how to control it.

Anavar largely helps in triggering the level of calcium in the body by absorbing it, and thereby promote upgraded bone density. It helps in rapid muscle gains without retaining water within the tissues. It also provides the formation of lean muscle mass with higher content of nitrogen to support protein synthesis.

How to overcome less libido?

The half-life of Anavar is really less like 8 to 9 hours. Thus it gets easily absorbed into the blood stream. To increase your libido and fertility functions, you can take some stacking options along with taking Anavar such as:
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