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Lanterns Create Beautiful Lighting

Lanterns are the most outstandingly gorgeous and spectacular of the lighting selections available. Their designs are endless and can be custom-made to fit into any exterior or interior and to blend in with any type of d├ęcor from contemporary to historic. Careful attention is paid to the development, design, fabrication, workmanship, and authenticity of the fixtures.

A lantern is well crafted with a main body, a glass covering, a metal frame, and a light element placed inside what is called the “cage.” Available in varying sizes, a lantern is manufactured in brass, bronze, copper, iron, and other materials.

Inspiration for the lanterns is different periods of architectural history and the replication of historical fixtures as far back as the 17th century.  

Fabrication ranges from age-old forging techniques to 21st century technology. The finest materials in the hands of superior craftsmen create these unique light fixtures.

A professional company can send a talented and well-experienced staff member or team to the proposed job site, or present them by electronic conferencing, to demonstrate sample fixtures, lighting collections, and portfolios with pictures of completed projects. They are happy to help you design exactly what you have in mind for your specific location and give an estimate of the cost, preparation time needed, and other factors.

Definitions of Light Fixtures

Lanterns can be closely mounted to the ceiling. wall mounted for support, sit on top of an upright wood or metal post that is affixed to the ground, hang by a chain or multiple chains from a post or a canopy or be mounted to the ceiling like a pendant, be mounted on the top of a pilaster or pier-mount which is a free-standing column at different heights, be a sconce attached to the wall by an ornamental bracket, or be part of a chandelier hanging light fixture having branched armed supports for a number of lights.

Custom finishes are hand applied and include gold, silver, polished nickel, satin nickel, brushed nickel, powder coated, and plated finishes. Standard, blown, and specialty glass is available depending on the shape, complexity, and description of the lantern.

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