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Diet plan for Anavar

Anavar is an anabolic steroid which was initially developed to help the patients who had a surgery or chronic infections or have undergone a severe trauma to regain their lost weight. Apart from that the cutting dieting with an Oxandrolone cycle was used for obese people and for those who had the problem of Osteoporosis to help them in reducing pain in the bones.

Later it was found that Anavar helps to lose fat in the body just like testosterone and hence people started to use it for body building purposes. Apart from fat loss, it also gives lean muscle mass, builds strength and helps in growth of muscle tissues.

Why Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is mostly preferred as it gives lean muscle mass which is good for people who want to have strong muscles. It is very effective and works very quickly. Anavar works by removing the excess water in the tissues of the muscles and thus builds a lean muscle quickly.

Apart from removing the water that has been retained, it also works to burn fat around the tissues of the muscle. Hence, what you get is a hard and defined muscle. And who wouldn’t like this? It does all this and it is much safer than the other steroids as it is very mild.

The cutting dieting with an Oxandrolone cycle is basically preferred by those who do not want over-sized muscles yet want to have sleek muscles that are hard and strong. Hence, it is preferred by athletes mostly.

Diet while taking Anavar

Anavar is a very effective drug for weight loss that shows quick results. Hence, you need to club it with a good diet to ensure that you get best results. While taking a diet, you can take one tablet of Anavar for 2-3 times per day. On the days when you work out, take one tablet at least before 30-40 minutes. You can do this for 8 weeks and then take a break for 2 weeks.

Do not cheat your diet plan as you may not get the desired results. You can have other types of food, but preferably be goal oriented and try to stick to the schedule as much as possible.

Dietary Precautions of Anavar:
  1. Anavar is an anabolic steroid yet it is mild on the liver when compared to other steroids. However, it is recommended not to use it beyond 10 weeks.
  2. For liver protection:
    • You can also use liver supplements to reduce the side effects on liver.
    • You can use milk thistle as it stops any harmful agent from entering the liver.
    • Use NAC which supports the liver in its function and boosts the production of I-glutathione which is an antioxidant.
    • RLA can also be taken which also acts like an antioxidant.
  3. Always drink plenty of water to help your body to flush out the toxins.
  4. Eat good amount of vegetables and fruits along with some supplements of Vitamin C & E
  5. To avoid other side effects, you can cycle with Clenbuterol.
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