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How is the generic testosterone capsules used as steroids?

When the males age, the testosterone levels in their body gradually decrease by the years. This condition leads to various changes of mind and body like decreasing of the sexual desire, setting of depression, and also the inability of maintaining or developing the mass of the muscle.

When these symptoms occur in the body together, men are said to be experiencing andropause. Andropause is nothing but the male version of the menopause which is experienced by the females when they stop menstruating after reaching a certain age. One of the many treatments to boost up the level of testosterone in men is the consumption of the generic testosterone enthate tablet.

About the harmful testosterone pills

Another popular genre of the testosterone pills which are used to treat the andropause is the testosterone cypionate. Since this generic drug is used in the illegal way, in the years before, this drug is banned by the drug controlling authorities of the United States of America. In fact, Testosterone cypionate was considered to be one of those common hormones used by the bodybuilders and the athletes who could increase their muscle power in just a matter of weeks. The testosterone pill could boost their performances in the esteemed competitions of Olympics.

The weight lifters, wrestlers and even the boxers were the ones who never thought about the side effects of the drug that it could create inside their body. As a result of taking the drug in a high dosage, these athletes suffered from severe health problems like the failure of organs, heart attacks and even deadly diseases like cancer. Realizing the amount of risk that could affect the people, this drug was outlawed by many eminent nations. Although this drug, even now, can be found in the countries like Mexico, thanks to the black marketers. The main reason behind the popularity of this drug as a supplement is the fact that results could be achieved in just a small amount of time.

About the safe testosterone pills

The generic testosterone enanthate was manufactured by the scientists who were used as a safe alternative of the harmful testosterone pills mentioned above. These newly formed pills came out in the market after getting proper certification from the authorities to be used for human consumption. These enthate pills could stimulate the muscle power by boosting the energy of the consumer in just a matter of weeks.

Since they are safe, they can be used by the athletes and bodybuilders as well. But these pills are only to be taken under the proper guidance of the physician; otherwise, a larger amount of dose can become harmful.

 Generally these pills do not have any kind of dire side-effects as such. The consumer can go through the initial stage of temporary balding, can develop frequent breakouts on the skin, and may have to lose the control of bladder etc. Other than these, there is no such bad side. This pill can also be used for treating of andropause.
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