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How Weight Loss Can Improve Your Sex Life

You can have a good sex at any weight, but losing weight can make it even better. From an improved body image to higher libido, here are a few ways weight loss can improve your sex life.

Improved blood circulation. Excess weight interferes with the body’s ability to supply blood to the penis. Impaired circulation resulting from clogged arteries and veins associated with obesity causes erectile disorders. An erection occurs when blood vessels leading to the genitalia dilate, allowing the penis to fill with blood. The process begins when the inner lining of the vessels called endothelium releases nitric oxide that signals the surrounding muscle tissues to relax. When arteries are clogged, this won’t happen. ED drugs from Best-pharmacy.net get the job done by increasing nitric oxide levelsin the endothelium, but it is a quick fix. Men, who want to wean themselves off the pills and find a longer-lasting solution, may require losing weight.

Balanced hormones. Excess belly fat causes testosterone production to plummet, leading to low sex drive. This happens because body fat boosts levels of the sex hormone binding globulin which binds to testosterone, lowering the levels of circulating free testosterone necessary for normal sexual function. Losing weight you can restore healthy levels of testosterone in your body and as a result will feel a greater desire for sex and will achieve arousal more easily.

Sexual confidence.Low self-esteem associated with poor body image makes obese people feel uncomfortable in their skin. It’s no wonder they cannot feel comfortable having sex. Moreover, associated depression and other mental problems can reduce libido and cause sexual dysfunction. Working hard to lose weight triggers a huge lift in self-esteem, and a newfound confidence boosts the overall body image. Being able to love yourself and be confident with who you areisthe premise of great sex. What’s more, your partner may want more sex when you start looking and feeling good, being bound to respond to that. 

Longer sessions. Obesity can seriously compromise your stamina, whereas a lean body is more efficient in love making. You’ll be able to try various sex positions that were impossible before and might be keen to experiment more because you won’t be tired to keep going. Losing weight you will get more energy for longer sex. And the longer you will have sex, the more you’ll have to move around, the more blood circulation will improve and the more calories you will burn! So, you can easily incorporate sex into your workouts to stay in shape and keep the weight off. 

Ensure future pleasure.If better health was not a good enough reason to lose weight, a happy sex life is. Life is made to be enjoyed and no one but you is going to take responsibility for making that happen. By losing weight and keeping it off, you are lowering the risk of clogged arteries, diabetes and other health issues that contribute to sexual dysfunction. Preventing them, you will get incalculable sexual rewards and more happiness in general.
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