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Use Anadrol(Oxymetholone) To Kick Start Fast Muscle Gains!

Workout and a healthy diet are two basic amenities important in order to achieve slim and ripped body. But both of these require proper time utilization, a division of labor and maintenance which seems a hard task to accomplish, considering the busy lives of the 21st century. People have found a solution against this and that is the aromatic compounds called Steroids.

These are naturally occurring substance involved in various physiological functions of the body like maintaining the cell membrane fluidity, cell signaling, counteracting inflammation and inducing growth & development of the body. Other than the medical uses of Steroids, its use in the arena of physique-building is highly valued and controversial at the same time and it has ever increased since its inception.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is one of many powerful Steroids in the market. It was initially used to treat anemia and muscle wasting syndrome but now the major use has shifted its base to induce and accelerate weight gain and muscle endurance and strength. It helps to promote your natural testosterone stimulation. It augments nitrogen balance and retention in the muscles and enhances red blood cell production which helps in better oxygen supply in the body. You should know and understand the basics of how this drug works and what effect exactly it may have on the body (both positive and negative) before you decide when to use Oxymetholone pills.


For medical purposes, the dosage may be small but in the case of bodybuilding, the dosage recommended is often excessive. If you are a beginner, it is always suggested to start with the lowest dose possible because you never know how your body shall react to it or how well it will tolerate the dose. Once your body is acclimatized with the drug, you may start increasing the dose steadily. Anadrol 50 mg dose is most common and beginners may take half of a tablet daily (25mg /day). Advanced users may take the drug in two halves (25mg in the morning and 25ms in the evening, to help sustain the dosage) or may take the whole tablet at once (50mg).

The dose can be increased up to 150mg/day for heavy bodybuilding aficionados. But it should not be exceeded beyond this because higher is the dose, more likely will be the side-effects.  It is mainly used in the bulking cycles. Suggestively, it should be used for shorter time duration and is not recommended for women. This is a prescription-only drug (authenticated by a certified medical professional), so it is mainly sold via black market for all these body-building purposes.


A coin always has two sides. One has to consider both pros and cons before you choose why, how and when to use Oxymetholone pills. Side-effects are dose dependent. Like all the steroids it can cause liver toxicity, hormonal imbalance especially in women, alteration in the body lipid profile mainly cholesterol levels, water retention, skin problems (like oily skin and acne), enhanced growth of body hair, and sex-influenced pattern baldness. You should always go through the feedbacks, interpretations, and recommendations by previous users before you start using Anadrol.
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