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What’s say whether to use the products not approved by FDA or not??

The HGH supplements are illegal to be purchased or consumed in some countries. IT is a prescribed only drug. But, the legality of the supplements depends upon the form of supplement, which is being used by the individuals. The HGH supplements are generally meant for the treatment of the individuals going through the deficiency of the growth hormones produced by the pituitary gland. The deficiency of the growth hormone takes place because of the damage, injury or genetic problem in the brain or the pituitary gland.

The bodybuilders or athletes making use of the HGH supplements for increasing their body mass and improving the performance, they are suggested to be aware of the legalities of the product not only by the civil law, but also in the sport of their choice. There are several manufacturers producing the HGH supplements in the world. These supplements are also available in duplicates. A few supplements are not approved by the FDA, i.e. the food and drug association, as it discourages the use of supplements for any other work apart from which it has been designed.

Some of the HGH supplements are legal over the counter, but at the same time they may be banned also by some other organizations, including the world anti-doping agency, international Olympic committee and several other international sports organizations all around the world. The purchase of dietary supplements is legal, but using it for athletic competitions is illegal and been banned by some organizations. The individuals must also enquire from his organization, who has organized the competition that the use of the HGH supplement is allowed or not??

The most popular HGH legal in colleges and is taken by athletes as well is the HGH energizer. This can be purchased without any prescription. The use of HGH helps in increasing stamina, improves performance, increases energy and endurance. As per the results of the studies, the HGH supplements can help in increasing the muscle mass, but it does nothing for improvement in its strength and functions. These supplements are also being used by obese individuals for losing weight.

Several studies have shown its side effects overweighing its benefits. The HGH supplements are meant for the replacement of inadequately produced human growth hormones by the pituitary gland. But, earlier for this replacement extractions were required. The bodybuilders and athletes are acquiring these supplements without any prescription from underground sources or from black marketers. This is done in both domestic as well as in abroad.

The products, which are not approved by the FDA , must not be used, as it could be counterfeited or duplicate. The intake of duplicate products also gives the users numerous life threatening side effects. Buying products from illegal sources is also troublesome and is dangerous to wellness and fitness of an individual.

The use of counterfeited products is hazardous to the health of an individual, as it is manufactured poor quality ingredients and the products containing bacteria. The individuals must consult a doctor before using a product.
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