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Anavar 101: Understanding Its Benefits, SIde-Effects, and Doses

Anavar makes its way into the bodybuilding and athletic industry as scientists originally developed it to be an anabolic steroid to help treat rapid weight loss and muscle wasting conditions. As a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this particular steroid only has mild anabolic properties and has almost no androgenic qualities.

Comprised mainly of Oxandrolone and mainly consumed as an oral steroid, its composition is altered to help it survive the first pass when it goes through the liver. Without the alteration, then the steroid wouldn't stay alive as the body's antibodies will consider the substance as an enemy and will proceed to destroy it. But unlike other steroids on the market, Anavar seems to be very mild on the liver. In fact, it's so mild that most users minimal to no elevations in liver enzymes.

How Does Anavar Work?

Once it enters the bloodstream, Avatar becomes active reasonably quick, and this is a common scenario in most oral steroids, especially those that derived from DHT. The rapid activity time is largely based off of its very short half-life of about 9 hours. The administration of this particular medication is more frequent than other steroids due to its half-life.

Common dosages of Anavar include the consumption of the medication to occur twice a day. In doing so, it'll allow the blood in the body to stabilize while letting the steroid be as efficient as possible in administering positive effects to the consumer.
The Benefits of Anavar

Since Anavar is a very mild anabolic steroid, it's not a suitable choice for gaining phases or bulking cycles. Therefore, interested buyers should first know that consuming this medication won't produce a large amount of lean muscle tissue. However, it can still provide adequate athletic performance enhancing bonuses.

Albeit it doesn't provide the body with more lean muscle tissue, Anavar does offer solid muscle tissue. The greatest advantages acquired from the consumption of oral Anavar pills are increased metabolic activity and muscle preservation. With these benefits, it is found to be useful in reducing excess fat while preserving muscle mass, and these are just a couple of reasons why many athletes and fitness enthusiasts opt for using Anavar instead of other steroids on the market.

The Side-Effects of Anavar

It's important to know and understand all the side-effects associated with Anavar consumption. However, these negative side-effects are not guaranteed to take place but will most likely occur with substance abuse.

Side-effects of Anavar may include the suppression of natural testosterone production and the appearance of symptoms related to aromatization. Some users who abuse the intake of Anavar might also experience certain side-effects such as Gynecomastia. You can check here more info about the side-effects of Anavar, along with other useful pieces of information.

Proper Anavar Dosage

Most men find that 50mg of Anavar is sufficient to satisfy their specific muscle building requirements, but some male users find that increasing the dosage to 80mg per day can yield more noticeable results. As for female users, 20mg per day is the maximum amount of the consumption of Anavar. 
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