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Get your knee treated well without any kinds of surgery

Knee injuries have been found to be one of the greatest problems in the life of a sportsman. This problem is very common among all the players associated with different types of games. But the most important part has been faced by the players who have been associated with football. As the game is totally based on the foot works of the players they have to suffer with these types of problem in a regular manner. In any manner this can happen. But this treatment does not mean any replacement. In the present day physical therapy torn meniscus is available in any sports medical treatment centres. 

After going through many researches it has been found that if the operation is done then it will take a month or three. The same time is required to get back in form with the physical treatment. It is therefore wise to do the treatment physically. If you are not sure then you just take examples of many great footballers who have to leave the ground at the initial stage due to knee injury. Dean Ashton who is a renowned footballer of the English National Football Team has to give up his career due to knee injury. Therefore it is wise to have physical therapy torn meniscus than going for any kind of surgery. 

If you find that your knee is badly injured then at the very first the things that you must do are: 

Massage the back and the side portions of knee 

If you face any kind of injury in the knee then at the very first you have to massage it up with your own hands. This massage will help you to get recovery from the pains that are caused due to the tension of the muscles. If you are not able to do it then you must tell another person to do it. The more you do you will find relief. Now don’t try to walk or run at this stage. After getting relief you just take rest and then try to walk if your fitness trainer or medical professional allows that. 

Do the up and down exercise of the legs 

After feeling relief from the pain you have to follow the exercise that has been provided here. At the very first you have to lay strait on a bed. You must keep the legs also straight. If you are not able to do it then you can take the assistance of any person. Now hold your leg up and down. Do it in a slow way. There is no time limit. Do it in both of your legs. After you feel little tired let it off for the day. Lie on the beds for sometimes and then move slowly. 

Another thing you can do is cross your legs and then moves it forward and backward. You should do it by sitting in a chair. Do this as long as you can.
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