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The Benefits of Different Medical Imaging Procedures

Medical imaging is necessary for detecting illness or injury in a timely manner. There are various procedures that take high quality images of the body to diagnose the ailment. The procedures are designed to keep you comfortable without sacrificing an accurate reading. The following benefits of medical imaging in NJ may give you a peace of mind before your procedure.

3T Highfield Wide Bore MRI

The 3T MRI features a wide bore to accommodate various sizes and reduce your anxiety. It is designed to scan the target area without sacrificing your physical or mental comfort. There are many wide bore machines that scan your body in about 15 minutes.

16-slice CT Scan

The 16-slice CT scan only uses a low dose of radiation to minimize your exposure and keep you healthy. It takes high quality images and 3D reconstructions in a short amount of time for your comfort. The machine is designed to scan different areas of the body, including the abdomen, liver, spleen, blood vessels, bones and spinal cord.

Digital X-Ray

A digital x-ray is used to check out joint infections and injuries, abdominal pain, bone fractures and foreign objects in the soft tissue. You can stand or lie during the procedure, which only lasts for about 10 to 30 minutes. The equipment uses a very low dose of radiation for minimum exposure. Your physician or specialist is able to manipulate the images to get an accurate reading.

High-Resolution Ultrasound

Your physician uses a high-resolution ultrasound to check out the shape, size and consistency of your organs and soft tissues. This includes your heart, kidney, pancreas, thyroid and gallbladder. The scan uses sound waves to take detailed images of your body, which means it is a safe and painless procedure. All you have to do is lie on the exam table as the machine takes high quality images of the target area.

Open MRI

The open MRI machine features an open design to reduce your anxiety or claustrophobia. There is enough space to accommodate different body types without sacrificing an accurate reading. You can expect to lie on a cushioned table that slides into the machine, but you do not have to worry about pain, being closed in or a high dose of radiation.

There are many benefits of scheduling a medical imaging procedure, and this includes feeling comfortable, low radiation and an accurate diagnosis.
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