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What body builders need to know about GHRH?

GHRH (Growth hormone releasing hormone) it’s like a slip of the tongue right? Try reading it faster? Lol. GHRH aids with protein synthesis and it stimulates the development of new muscle tissues. Although GHRH is originally used as a supplement for people that needed it. With GHRH analogue for muscle building being widely in muscle building, it’s really something that you need to look further before taking it on.

For body building, this is a welcoming gesture because if you want to builds you muscles fast that helps break down fat, proteins, and carbohydrates and at the same time you got a perfect supplement right there to help you build your muscles. Here are the things that GHRH does (non-body building benefits included in case you want to know):
  • Aids in the normal growth of children that need the height and found to have GH deficiency.
  • Helps develop muscle mass and great for a drug cocktail together with other body building drugs. 
  • Helps increase physical strength if used regularly
  • Anti-aging helps remove skin wrinkles 
  • Helps with cell repair (organs and tissues). 
  • Causes hyperplasia (increase muscle cells).  
  • Helps increases muscle mass by creation of new muscle cells 
  • Helps with lipolysis (body fat).
  • Helps Increased in bone density. 
  • Helps in recovery related from injuries and exercise

With so many benefits:You might think that it’s too good to be just a body building supplement and it is! This drug wasn’t created for body building just like all the body building drugs, they are not intended for bodybuilding and were primarily created to help with GHRH deficiency. But seeing the benefits of this, bodybuilding adopted this treatment and made it a supplement. What you need to know is that supplements are not created perfect, there will always be side effects and we can’t choose the effects. As much as we want to only get the effects in body building it doesn’t work that way and with that here are the side effects:
  • Edema 
  • Numbness of the extremities 
  • Tingling sensation in the extremities 
  • Insulin sensitivity in decreased 
  • Body malaise
What you need to know: aside from the benefits and side effects, the most important thing in taking GHRH s the dosage. Based on preparations like any drug, in general, you need to identify what is the dosage intended for you, the proper application of the type of preparation that you used, the intervals on when you should take them, the contra indications, the drug interactions and the danger signs. It seems like a lot to remember but if you want to have a good run with your body building in a safer way then you really need to study.

You don’t have to be really smart to really know everything, there are a lot of articles online that you can read than reading medical related books to simplify everything minus the mambo jumbo terms that you don’t need.  All you need is an open mind for learning, a positive attitude and the work to make it all possible and achieve your goal.
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