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Benefits of Using an Open Machine For Your MRI

It is not easy to schedule an MRI when you are worried about the procedure, but there are many facilities that offer an open machine for MRI scans. Open machines provide physical comfort and a peace of mind during your procedure. Here are several benefits of using an open MRI machine.

More Space To Lie Comfortably

Open machines do not feature any sides or walls to restrict your movement. Your technician may need you to lie in a specific position, but the additional space allows you to lie comfortably as they scan the target area.

Scans Various Body Types

It is difficult to scan various body types with a traditional MRI machine. The tunnel design restricts your movement, and this may cause an awkward position that blocks the target area. You may find yourself scheduling a second MRI due to an inaccurate reading. This is another reason why many facilities are providing open machines to their patients. The open design and body-weight capacity makes it easier to scan the target area of different body types.

Gives A Peace of Mind

Sliding into a tunnel during your procedure may cause feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia. You do not have to worry about feeling closed in when you schedule an open scan. The open machine only features a top and bottom to scan your body, and it does not feature any walls to make you feel confined to a small space. It gives you a peace of mind to know you are not going to be sliding into a tunnel for your scan.

There Is Constant Communication

Your technician monitors you throughout the procedure to ensure everything is going smoothly. You are welcome to ask questions or address concerns using the high quality speaker system connected to your technician. The constant communication eliminates the feeling of being alone during your procedure.

Receive An Accurate Diagnosis

Your physician also benefits from using an open machine for your MRI scan. The open design and advanced technology make it easy to scan the body and view the results. Your physician receives the results within one hour in emergency situations and 24 hours in non-emergency situations.

If you are looking to feel physically and mentally comfortable during your MRI scan, ask your physician about an open machine for your procedure.
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