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Enjoy Dense Forests and Wild Life at Ranthambore during the Package Tour

Most of the enthusiast travelers like to visit sandy beaches and historical places for their tours to explore new places. Similarly, wild life reserves can also be the best option for people that love adventures, nature and wild life. Indian government has implemented policies for conservation of forests and some special species that are in the potential threat of being vanished. They reserve some forest areas for encouraging growth of particular animals providing proper protection from potential hunters and smugglers that would be in trading of skin, teeth or any other important parts of some animals.

Ranthambore is situated in Rajasthan and there is a famous wild life reserve, a National Park that is exclusively reserved for tigers. This place is famous for the population of tigers in the National Park. There are many other types of wild animals that reside in this forest fearlessly. Planning a participation in Forest Safari would be an enjoyable travel experience for all the tourists as they can closely watch the real life forest and different activities of various animals that live together in the reserved forests.

 Apart from tigers tourists can find various fascinating varieties of birds in the forest reserve. The excellent water body available in the region is the major reason that attracts large population of birds.  Some of the birds reside in the forests throughout the year while some of the birds migrate to various places. They arrive in a particular season and migrate to some other place after completion of the particular phase in the year.

Bird scientists and the forest department have documented more than 250 species of birds in this region. There are many attractive ponds in the forest area and around the famous fort of Ranthambore that are the best places to watch different types of beautiful birds. Most of the species found in this region are quite uncommon and interesting as well. People can enjoy the existence of different types of birds in one particular area that can be an added attraction of Ranthambore packages.

The forest reserve and some other surrounding attractions can be visited staying in fascinating forest resorts and hotels in Ranthambore. There are many luxurious resorts that are designed according to the theme of life in forests. Thus all the tourists would enjoy their stay during their trip and the delicious food offered through restaurants here.

Ranthambore is accessible by road and also by train. The tour operators usually arrange for to and fro journey to this fascinating place through comfortable and luxurious air conditioned coaches. This keeps the tourists ready for action as they reach the forest destination. This is really important for making the entire trip fruitful. Package tours to Ranthambore would be usually all inclusive packages including traveling, food, accommodation, sightseeing and exciting forest safari. 

Some of the popular places to visit around Ranthambore are Bakaula region, which is a dense forest with smaller water pools spread across the area, where tigresses along with young cubs are usually seen. Padam Talao is a famous pond that is the home for various types of migrating birds seasonally.

Thus tourists can have enjoyable tour of forest during their trip to Ranthambore.
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