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Install and use WhatsApp for free

Installation of WhatsApp is simple and don’t cost any penny. It has many features by allowing you to message, call and experience wonderfully all the thoughts with your contacts by being far from them. Even for chatting and calls also, the app is costs nothing.

You must have internet facility to use whatsapp. With whatsapp, you can share images, videos and documents. It is a fast and best messaging service application that don’t have ads too to irritate the users. You can go for free whatsapp download to use it which takes less time.

Steps to download WhatsApp

You can download whatsapp for your phone having any operating system. If android phone, download it from google play store. If apple phone, download from iTunes store or App Store. If windows phone, download from Marketplace app. Now the whatsapp is installed and displays the app with its icon in your mobile screen.

You can also install app using other ways for iPhone or android phone, or app is not in device or want to get new version or any reason. In this way also, you can install it by following installation process. The whatsapp file is to be downloaded using alternative ways in case of not able of use app stores.

Here are the ways to free whatsapp download in different mobile platforms.
  • In Android- Go to web browser in your device and search for whatsapp by clicking WhatsApp APK in the search area and tap go in keyboard. Seek for the download link from the secure and trustworthy website and save file.
  • In iPhone- This mobile platform is having many constraints. You should modify the constraints from your phone to enable downloading of outside files. Now search for WhatsApp for iOS in browser. Get the download link from secure website and click it to download and save the file.
  • In Nokia: Even though Nokia phones are not smartphones but can use this app if contains the requirements needed for whatsapp. If satisfies, then go for whatsapp.com/s40/ website directly in your phone and download the app.
Install and set WhatsApp in phone

When using alternative ways to download, modify the settings by clicking downloads from unknown sources to permit WhatsApp APK file to install as it is not done through play store. Now click the WhatsApp file present in downloads or any storage area to install it. By doing so installation of WhatsApp is completed. Set the whatsapp in your phone by following the instructions in the application. You should start whatsapp using by providing your mobile number.

You should enter the mobile number in it and get a verification code to that number for verifying. You should type the code in certain box and complete the setting of whatsapp. You can give your email, set profile picture, name, status and all to manage account in whatsapp. By giving email, you can backup your chats directly to your google drive.

By this you can restore the whatsapp in other device by giving same email and continue with it. You can get notifications of chats and updates of whatsapp. In this way, you can install whatsapp in your phone.
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