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Keeping Kids Safe in School with Security Guards

As schools open their doors for a new year of academic challenges, parents and loved ones all over the nation bite their nails to nubs worrying about the safety of their favorite students and educators. This is an unfortunate reality in modern America that has made countless parents consider just keeping their kids at home. But unless you have the ability to home school or can afford to send them away to boarding school in another country that’s not going to help anything. Fortunately, many schools prioritize increasing security to keep your kids safe in school. And one of those solutions involves school security guards. But how do security guards really keep your children safe in schools today? 

By Being Visible and Remaining Vigilant

A report from the National Center for Education Statistics stated that 70% of public schools during the 2013-14 school year put students through shooting drills, but only 43% of those schools staffed armed security guards. But just having a security guard on duty can help deter trouble at every level. Security guards foil theft, harassment, personal injury, and attempts at various types of potential harm. A well-trained guard can also sense danger and intercede when trouble is already in progress.

By Responding Quickly and Appropriately to a Crisis

Security guards are trained to have a sort of Spidey sense regarding a crisis. The professional will act quickly and be alert at all times. But how they respond depends on the situation. A professional guard won’t relax just because a dangerous or serious crisis or concern is averted. He or she will still need to handle the fallout whether that means reporting the situation to their supervisor or contacting the police directly. In either case, any necessary backup will be just a moment away.

By Observing and Monitoring

A security guard at school helps maintain order by doing multiple things. Observing and monitoring come into play as the guard conveys and reminds students of the rules set by the school officials. But a security guard is not a glorified babysitter. He or she will not accept or deliver verbal assault or abuse of any kind. They will, however, act as a median in specific situations to ensure all mandatory safety rules are followed and those who break the rules are reprimanded to the fullest possible extent.

Special Duties and Perimeter Work

Professional security guards can be trained and hired to perform multiple tasks and services for educational safety needs. They can be the first line of defense for safety checks and visitors. They can easily deter trouble by performing impromptu locker checks, room scans, and put an instant end to any type of harassment on the school grounds. Security guards can oversee the school bus lineup and ensure all students safely board or exit their mode of transportation. And in many cases, a security guard can also work behind the scenes by setting up security technology or even doing some clerical or office work as the need arises. Regardless of the tasks at hand, a professional security guard will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the school’s staff and students are safe and secure at all times. And a call to Korner Security can get the ball rolling so no parent needs to lose another moment of sleep over the safety of their children during school hours.
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