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Best Brewery Options in Gurgaon for Beer Lovers

With the changing lifestyle there has been a changing eating and drinking habits too. Today, beer plays a big role in bringing people together.  Think of a party and no party organised by youngsters is planned without beer in the menu list. It has become more of a culture for the younger generation who work hard and party harder these days. You want to kick start a conversation, then the very thought goes to the beer bar, which is discovered as the best place for friendly meetups after hectic office hours. With the changing lifestyle and growing demand amongst the younger generations, Gurgaon, one of the most buzzing cities of India has introduced some of the best breweries to its people and visitors in the recent few years. Though branded options are always readily available, but beer lovers still wish for freshly brewed beer, as the charm of fresh beer straight from the brewery comes with its own wide selection of flavours.

It’s not just most eateries with most delectable menu that brings people to Gurgaon; the city also has emerged as the beer lovers’ paradise. With a good number of microbreweries dotting its landscape, the city brews beer for all kinds of tastes and interests. The choice is immense keeping people’s love for variety in mind.

Three breweries in Gurgaon that you cannot afford to miss as a beer lover:

Molecule Air Bar

The name itself speaks aloud. Molecule Air Bar, located in Sector 29 Brewery Hub in Gurgaon is a great place to enjoy some of the most palatable dishes and freshly brewed in-house beer. This bar cum restaurant has a rooftop seating arrangements, where you can enjoy a beautiful and refreshing dinner in a romantic setting. Molecule Air Bar serves four different flavours brewed on in its in-house brewery - Premium, Dark Roasted, Wheat Beer and Molecule Brew!

Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange

Just on the busy golf course road is the Manhattan Brewery and Bar Exchange that waits through the night to welcome you to experience the excitement of a stock exchange as the price of alcohol goes up and down, depending on the demand. You will never know the charm of the place unless you experience it.

Walking Street by Soi 7

You will never miss to recommend this place to your family and friends if you visit this place even for once. Interestingly designed in a three-storey mansion, this brewery is absolutely a must visit, also serves the best Margarita, and Veg Dim Sum along with some of the great flavours of beer.
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