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Glass Restoration and window tinting

Stainless steel restoration oughtn't to be difficult. we have a tendency to forever use the foremost effective techniques for glass sprucing, window replacement, and beyond. we have a tendency to build glass door repair a breeze as a result of all you've got to try to is solely fill out the contact kind or develop the phone and provides the USA a decision, and we'll start on a quote for you.

We begin the method by being attentive to your vision, whether or not you wish services in mirror repair or frame restoration. If you've got any special necessities or a singular state of affairs, simply allow us to grasp. Don't let frame repair or alternative improvement come sit on your stir list any further.

Glass restoration

Western Glass Restoration in Los Angeles and coloring is predicated in Orange County, CA, providing a mobile repair service that has been saving customers lots of and thousands of greenbacks. By restoring the glass that has been laid low with acid-etched and scraped graffiti on front windows. Graffiti on glass has become a significant downside over the years and Western glass restoration and coloring. is here to assist save your GLASS. we've got developed a removal method to get rid of the graffiti and scratches from your glass, windows and chrome steel while not having to interchange the glass.

When you wish to save lots of cash and keep your glass sturdy and enticing, then look no more than the consultants at Western Glass Restoration and coloring. We all know however vital building maintenance is, and your front glass isn't an exception. Our glass restoration services area unit complete and that we forever use quality materials. we have a tendency to build it our mission to depart you with a glass repair that appears like new and saves you cash. A window restoration in places like la is going to be far more value effective than total replacement.


We pride ourselves on sole exploitation the simplest product within the trade. We tend to use the constant product as if we tend to were acting on our own residence or business.

We also provide window tinting services.

Concerned regarding safety or security? Armorcoat is that the answer. Western Glass Restoration and coloring is an exclusive provider of whole safety, security and opposed graffiti films, a tough, resilient safety and security film accessible in clear or a range of tinted versions. Whereas commonplace Panorama films are two mils thick, Armorcoat and opposed graffiti films vary from four to fourteen miles. as a result of Armorcoat is put in with a novel mounting adhesive that bonds the film to the glass, Armorcoat and opposed graffiti films provides a good and non-obtrusive defense against intruders, accidents, explosions, and weather – serving to save lots of lives and defend your property.

Armorcoat And opposed Graffiti Films Delivers else advantages Besides the standard advantages of window tint, the Armorcoat film provides you these further safety and security enhancements:

•           Strengthens windows and glass doors from breakage and graffiti
•           Increases shatter-resistance to assist hold broken inclose place
•           Decreases risk of injury from glass shards in accidents and explosions
•           Reduces injury from earthquakes, windstorms.
•           Helps Deter Burglars
•           Deters “smash-and-grab” thefts in businesses
•           Reduces injuries caused by glass-to-human impacts
•           Available from four to fourteen mils thick, in each clear and star safety versions
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