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Interesting facts about Thai Lottery

Thai lottery is absolutely legal as it is regulated by the Government Lottery Office, GLO. Lottery drawing process is taken place twice in a month. On 1st and 16th of every month, the lottery is drawn at the government office. Other than lottery, only horse racing is legal in Thailand, Bangkok.

Popular and major source of revenue

Thai lottery is popular not just in Thailand, but around the globe. People love to take part despite being aware of its unpredictability. The payout ratio of Thailand lottery is sixty percent. Though the payout ratio of horse riding is 81%, still, Thai lottery is hugely popular in comparison. According to the reports, around 20 millions of Thai people play this government controlled lottery. Each year, more than 75 billion Baht, which is equivalent to around 2.5 billion US dollars, is spent in this lottery.
So much enthusiasm along with so much of money being spent in this regard is obvious to generate a lot of excitement around Thailand lottery result. Interesting here is to mention that the Thai Government Lottery Office itself takes charge of printing and distributing the tickets to the wholesalers. The government also takes charge of its all sorts of regulations.   

How it started?

Thai lottery is indeed one of the great sources of earning for the government. It is considered a matter of public concern for the Government. In fact, it is a state enterprise in Thailand, with legal recognition. There is also The Government Lottery Office Act B.E. 2517, which was made an act on 11th September, 1974. The act is on action since 1st October, 1974.

Tickets for Thai lottery were issued for the first time by King Rama V during the period 1868-1910. During his reign, King Rama gave Royal Bodyguard permission to conduct a lottery on the eve of his birthday in the year 1874.

Lotteries used to be conducted occasionally after that. However, it was proposed to be made a government source of income after 1993. Despite growing price of Thai lottery over the years, the enthusiasm has never really reduced. In fact, tickets of lottery have grown from one Baht to as large as 80 Baht since its inception.


People in Thailand actively take part in lottery. They have been found to be looking for handy Thai lottery tips during the days of the game. Good news is that the military government that came in to power in May 2014 has taken lottery reform seriously. The government has made a rule that the ticket of lottery is not going to be more than 80 Baht. In addition, the government has also declared that the Jackpot or the Bonus price will not be there anymore. The first prize of Thai lottery used to be 20 or 30 millions. 

Popular among women:

Interesting fact about Thai Lottery is that here women are more involved in lottery than the men. They often have been found to be enquiring about how to win Thai lottery. According to the reports, around 53% of women in Thailand play lottery in comparison to 47% of men. 

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