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Some Interesting Facts about the Philadelphia Eagles

For all National Football League (NFL) fans a match between Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants is a much awaited one. The adrenaline rush that fans feel on watching the defence tackles of the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback is bound to get the crowd on its feet. The Philadelphia Eagles is one of the most watched teams of the NFL. The team has had a rich history of producing excellent players who were legends in their own right. In spite of being a newcomer he has shown the signs of becoming a success premier league football player. Brendan Wetzel believes that the Eagles are poised to show excellent performance this season. The Philadelphia Eagles have been known to produce excellent football players, who have been able to keep football enthusiasts fascinated by their ground breaking performances. Some interesting facts about the Philadelphia Eagles are as follows:

·         The Philadelphia Eagles earlier were known as Frankford Yellow Jackets. However, the team went bankrupt in the middle of the football season of the year 1931. It was considered to be a lost venture. However, the Frankford Yellow Jackets was revived as the Philadelphia Eagles when Bert Bell and Lud Wray head of the NFL syndicate decided to grant the franchisee a chance for expansion. The Frankford Yellow Jackets was rechristened as Philadelphia Eagles and became a part of the NFL as an expansion team.

·         The Philadelphia Eagles is almost the story of a phoenix that rises from its ashes. After the incorporation of the team, the Philadelphia Eagles team struggled in the first season. The team consistently performed badly and especially during the World War II it was unable to produce NFL level players. However, in 1960 when Buck Shaw joined as the coach of Philadelphia Eagles, it became the first team to defeat the Vince Lombardi’s team Green Bay Packers in the Playoff matches.

·         The Philadelphia Eagles greatest rivalry is with the New York Giants. An NFL match between the two teams always draws an extensive crowd. According to popular opinion the rivalry between Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants is one of the oldest in the NFL. It is also the oldest rivalry in the National Football Conference (NFC) East. Thus, any match between the two teams is considered to be a matter of pride for players in both teams.

Thus, the Philadelphia Eagles story is one that inspires courage. A team that went bankrupt rose to become one of the most successful teams in the NFL. Slowly it progressed to become one of the most recognized brands as well. The Philadelphia Eagles are often referred to be ‘Birds’ because of the team’s logo. The flying eagle with is the logo of the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the most recognized emblems. The team also sports alternative logos, which are equally recognizable. According to Brendan Wetzel the team continues to give excellent performance and produce young energetic players. For the upcoming NFL season the Philadelphia Eagles is definitely a team to watch out for. 
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