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Taxotere: What it is & medical lawsuits

Docetaxel, most commonly known as the Taxotere first came into inception via Sanofi-Aventis. This one is basically a drug that is used for chemotherapy that is a cancer medication. The Taxotere stops or prevents to a certain extent the spread of cancer cells in the human body. The meds lawsuiit​​ is most definitely an option for patients who have gone through or are still undergoing chemotherapy via this drug. The lawsuit is only applicable in case of Alopecia which is a major side-effect of this chemo drug. Alopecia is a medical condition in which the patient suffers from permanent hair loss. Many researchers have come to the proven conclusion that the connection between Taxotere drug and Alopecia is deep rooted.

This particular chemo drug is widely used as a measure for different categories of Cancer like neck, breast, lung, prostate, and stomach as well as head cancer. After being treated Cancer patients can adjust to the temporary hair loss side effect for that is common in this case. But, permanence in this hair loss side effect is definitely not acceptable. Thus, comes in the need for these meds lawsuiit​​. The Taxotere hair loss lawsuit can be filed by both the family as well as the victim whereby the patient can claim for the rightful compensation for the same.

This drug comes in intervenes forms that stabilizes tubulin resulting in the gradual death of cancer cells that may have spread in the body. On the destruction of these cells it is evident that the cancer has no means to spread anymore. But, as they say everything comes with a heavy price. The Taxotere similarly has permanent hair loss as one of its worst side effects. It is mostly women paitients that suffer from Alopecia once they fight cancer with Taxotere because this drug is most effective in the case of breast cancer.

Most drug lawsuits more or less have the same legal claim, that is, the ‘failure to warn’. With Taxotere lawsuits it is just the same. The lawsuit is targeted to Sanofi-Aventi, the company which manufactures this drug for misleading the cancer patients about the side effects of the same. 

Hair loss is in general taken as a trigger of low confidence. However, in cancer patients this trigger is like a fast virus that can cause both emotional and mental wreck. It has been reported by several scientists that Alopecia causes a major drop in the psychological quality of life. The effect of hair loss and its permanence on cancer survivors is even more intense and wrecking. Especially for the women survivors it is more distressing both individually as well as because of the traditional societal norms associated with a woman’s hair.

Any which ways the fatal disease of Cancer is difficult to fight mentally. It is difficult to gather strength during the chemo sessions. The side effect if Taxotere in the appearance of hair loss makes the process even more challenging to overcome. Thus, to bring justice to the survivors suffering due to this side effect the Taxotere lawsuit holds grave importance. 
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