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“Home Sweet Home” is one of the life triumphs and is the most prior dream of one’s life. Buying dream home involves several sacrifices and requires determination and dedication to find it as well as money issues. No matter you wish to live in the ultra-modern luxury urban zone or to want to live in countryside surrey having natural fields around. Usually, people of urban areas prefer to live in such calm and peaceful environment but this needs a lot of investment. For instance, VIRGINIA WATER, a beautiful green residency in Surrey is the top housing society in London. The minimum houses for sale in Virginia Water is greater than £1 million. Properties for sale in Virginia Water are situated near Berkshire, just outside the city center, London. Houses available for sale in VIRGINIA WATER is in high demand because of its charms and the wide variety of natural and urban attractions, which enhance the living standard of family.

In this blog I have gathered some tips that are top and should be considered before purchasing your dream house:
Firstly, decide whether you live in the urban area or in countryside region. Find out there are schools, colleges, shopping malls, Hospitals are close by or not? Natural resources like fuel, water supply, and gas supply are available or not? These are the main parameters that should be kept in mind when going to purchase your dream house.
Another crucial factor that should be under consideration is the amount of money is in your pocket or how much money you decide to invest. This greatly influences on your property type and of course on its location too. Finding property sometimes needs compromise either in terms of the house which is below your priority or the budget is exceeding if you get your ideal home.
Estate agents are professional salespersons. So, consult with few different agents before deciding on one. It is recommended to formulate questions before the meeting. Compare the findings and offers from them. They may create hustle and bustle about the certain property which they termed as ‘Perfect House’ and spur you to tell our offer before someone grabs it. If encounter such situation then there is something fishy so it’s better to back away.
If you are going to buy the lifetime home then choose the brand-new homes instead of Old build homes. Old built homes somehow good because of their antique interior and exterior but for the long-term living, I will advise you to live in modern style home. The important thing is that you will not have to invest extra money on living luxuries because all the stuff in the home is new and it will not make you worry till at least 3-5 years whereas in older homes they need maintenance more often.
Geographical location of society is also the main concern when you are going to buy home. If your desired home is located in the hilly area than determine the land sliding potential of the hill if it occurs often. It is better to consult neighbors about the conditions of land and their foundations before purchasing the beloved home.
Exterior and Interior of the house make it home. Since how a home looks are one of the first things that you notice, finding a style of home that fits your personality is absolutely key. Kitchen design, bedrooms interior, living room location are the features that are noticeable by your wife and children. Compromise in above will not do. Even exterior of the house matters, once you know which style of living you prefer, focus in on aesthetic. As you go about your day, think about the different types of homes you see.
The last but not least consideration from my side is to prefer your home along the public transport route. Many jobs and offices are based in the city centers of many developed cities. If you have your property like near countryside or suburban area, it is important to have public transport i.e. Tram or buses moves nearby your home. It increases the value of your home thus consider this factor when buying your house.


I always pray that everyone finds his dream home and it is only possible with searching home with positivity and determination. By following these factors and useful tips you can start your house purchasing process finely. These key points will assist you to find the property which is best fit for you. Now it’s time to make your dreams come true so do not wait and turn it into reality. Provide feedback related to your ‘Home Sweet Home’.
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