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How To Clean Up After A Major Storm

When you live in an area that has twisters or tornados or hurricanes or giant ice storms from time to time, you probably get used to losing your electricity and having to board up your windows upon occasion. 

Just the same, in most locations the fact that you don't get hit every year means that you probably don't develop a methodology or set way of how to clean up when a major storm comes through.

Here, therefore, are some solid tips on how to clean up after a large storm:

Contact a contractor:

When the San Diego had wild fires burn down homes 10 years ago, there were plenty of executives out on the roofs of their homes with water hoses, refusing to bow down to nature.  On the other hand, when they were forced out and had to return to a burned out home, they were quick to call a contractor to come and help them clean up and rebuild. 

The dynamic is the same with regard to storm damage repair.  Once your home and yard is hit, getting on the phone to the insurance company should provide you with the impetus to have a contractor come out and give you an estimate to repair the damage.  One company that has national reach, DKI Services, actually focuses on storm damage cleanup with its contractors.  So looking into a specialist like that can save you time and money. 

Build it better:

In most cases, you will have random damage during a storm.  At the same time, it is possible that the storm may attack a weak point in your home that will likely go down again during the next storm if it is repaired.  So go ahead and be strategic about it.  If there is a potential for the problem to be chronic, then look at re-designing or rebuilding with brick instead of wood. 

Another reason that it is popular to build it better is that owners sometimes inherit home features when they buy a house.  They may not be as interested in keeping those features as they are creating a home that has design features that follow their own interests.  If that opportunity comes about as the result of storm damage, it can be a great time to go ahead and plan to create something that you will remember.

Be timely:

Whatever you decide to do with your yard or home after a storm, try and ensure that you get started on repairs as soon as possible.  If you have water damage, you can end up with mold problems that do not go away with out a very large cost.   Tackling water damage problems within 12 hours means that you can avoid mold and save time and money.

Cleaning up after a major storm may be something that you have done before, although not frequently.  Putting a plan into place that includes calling a professional contractor and looking at changing designs when the damage affects parts of your home that you didn't like are options that can help you storm after storm.
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