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Is it better to Rent or To Buy a House or Apartment?

In order to resolve the dilemma whether to purchase of real estate or rent, know more about us since we talked to longtime real estate workers, with fellow citizens who chose the option of buying an apartment, but also with those who stayed on the lease. We contacted economists, but also banks and find out their offer of housing loans.
Over the last two years, more and more citizens have decided to buy a real estate, show data of real estate agencies. While the majority of young couples who decide for the first time they choose to buy apartments or houses in capital and major cities. They want to be close to their jobs and to be able to build a great career.

The recession has brought lower demand for real estate, and since 2016 real estate agents are experiencing a constant slight increase in demand and sale of real estate, but also the price. The most common buyers are those who first settle the housing issue, that is, young couples who are independent, or again couples aged between 35 and 45 who, due to family expansion, and the need for larger apartments sell their first homes mainly two-bedroom apartments and buy three or four rooms, depending on their needs. On the other hand, middle-age citizens often change their family real estate for smaller apartments. These are married couples or singles whose children have created their homes so they no longer have the need for large apartments.

When it comes to rent, university campuses are full of students, who rent apartments. On the other hand, representatives of the diplomatic corps, foreign employees of non-governmental organizations, employees of large international companies rent some of the most beautiful places. As you can assume, the more finances you have, the better home you will get.
Lately, people have decided to buy, which is always a better option than rent. Even if you get a loan the price of monthly installments is equal to the rent you would pay for another apartment. After you have paid the loan, you will become the owner of the apartment. After years of renting and renting, you are still without your own roof over your head.

The most sought after properties are in the city center. There are apartments and quality apartments, they are easier to rent, so most buyers, especially those from the other countries, decide on real estate in the center, possibly larger squares with secured parking or a garage place.The apartments in the new buildings on More distant locations from the center can be found at cheaper prices. So, it all depends on personal taste and how much your budget allows you.
But you can always rent if that is what you prefer.
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