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Know about the Importance of Project Management from Bharti Jogia-Sattar

Project management is basically the art of managing projects and its deliverables with a view to produce finished service or products. Several ways are there by which a project can be carried out and the way in which it is executed is project management. Bharti Jogia-Sattar is an independent consultant who has outstanding project management skill which she has developed all through her professional career. 

Importance of Project Management for organizations According to Bharti Jogia Sattar

Project management is used by businesses irrespective of any size. Because entrepreneurs and company executives cope with the day-to- day duties of handling a business, it is better to take help of the devoted project managers to manage projects from start to end. Getting well- acquainted with efficient project management methods assists establishments perform large- scale ventures in time, within financial plan and with negligible disturbance.

  • It is important to note that unlike the business, a project is a provisional thing that is meant to produce a unique service, process or product. The project managers usually have the experience and expertise to create plans and supply these things. Furthermore, they flawlessly assimilate resources across the various departments of the company and use communication, budgeting and planning skills to complete the project.
  • Certain business projects include large- scale preparation that impacts each section or part of a business. A project may need to be dealt with budgetary, supply constraints and human resources. The project managers are expert in the methods of project management and can create plans so that the entire project can be completed on time. Companies that take help of project management to control and monitor procedures and plans can more efficiently get their projects completed within budget and time.
  • The most important advantage that project management offers is that it helps in keeping the project within budget. The properly made project management plan recognizes anticipated costs in advance to develop an accurate budget. By means of certain resolutions, the project managers reduce the impact of financing a fresh venture on working capital by boosting the distribution of staffs. Organizing tasks and precisely recognizing objectives within times lessens inadequacies in time management and budget.
Therefore, it can be said that project management is imperative for organizations implementing wide-ranging or comprehensive projects. Project management is a very broad term that includes numerous methods, techniques, strategies and process and the key purpose of all of them is to lessen the chances of loss or failure of any project. 

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a financial executive with several years of valuable experience in the project management field. She understands GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles and has performed structured partnership agreements, due diligence, and orchestrated mergers and acquisitions. Along with offering expert project management services she also conducts internal audits.

As far as her educational qualification is concerned she is an ex-student of Eastern Michigan University, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Chemistry. She has also completed certificate coursework in accounting from the University of California in Los Angeles.
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