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Hot Dogs in the Making

Do you ever wonder how hotdogs are made and where did they even originate? Hot dogs have been around for some time now and are a very popular and easy food to make and there is a ton of recipes to choose from. They are also known for the contest people hold that consist of many you can eat and the longest hot dogs on the planet! 

The Start of the Hotdog Empire

 Hotdogs were originally called the Frankfurter. It has nicknames like the wiener or franks. It has always been placed between a steaming but has changed over time to being used in beans and wrapped in dough and baked calling them pigs in a blanket. The Frankfurt names comes from Germany and often refers to the sausage but the ‘Weiner” name come from Vienna, Austria. Johann Lahner was an 18th century butcher and is claimed to be the person who brought the hotdog from Frankfurt Germany to Vienna, Austria.  In 1904 Antoin Ludwig started selling the hotdogs in buns at the World’s Fair making big profit but in 1916 Nathan Handwerker was said to go into business selling the hotdogs and putting them on the map. No one really knows what started the big deal with hotdogs, they just kind of took off. There are several different sources that say many different stories. Perhaps they all just like the hotdog and started spreading its goodness by making a buck.

What is in the Hotdogs?

 Hotdogs have been known to have a bad name, but they really are not what people think they are. They say that the making is gross, but it is no different than any other processing. They consist of meat trimming and seasonings such as garlic and salt. They have fat trimmings also which helps with flavor. Beef and pork are the two most common meats used in hotdogs, but certain manufacturers have been known to use chicken in them too, but you can always opt out for the 100% beef. They used to be encased with the natural sheep intestine to hold the meat together but now they mainly use starch. There is also another type you can get that is with no casing at all, but they are much easier to process with the casing. 

How Do You Like Yours?

 You can get a variety of condiments on your hot dog. You can get onions, Cole slaw, horseradish, pickles, chili, mustard, ketchup, mayo, hotdog spread, and so much more. The list goes on and on. You can make you with all the stuff you love, and they are simple and easy to make. I am hungry just thinking about them!
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