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Planning For An Eventual Arrest

When people are under investigation, they generally retain lawyers and have a good idea of whether or not they will eventually face charges. For arrests stemming from these investigations, it's to the benefit of the client that they are able to have some form of control over what's going to happen after the arrest. A lawyer can advise you on the typical bail bond amount of your charge and you can make plans to pay that amount.

For clients with plenty of money, it's not difficult to plan. You simply arrange for a family member or a member of your legal team to pay your bail bond. As a lawyer will explain, bail is set because you're innocent until proven guilty. So even if you're in jail, a judge will give you the opportunity to get out if you pay a certain sum of money to secure your release.

These bonds are the court's way of assuring them that you're going to return for your next court date and any trial that may come about as a result of your charges. Without this money, many defendants would simply walk away from the court and never return. To prevent this from happening, you show in good faith that you're going to show up for court dates by paying a certain sum of money. The more serious the charge, the higher your bail is going to be set at.

Bucks County bail bonds can also be paid by a bail bonds service. These services pay your bail bond FOR you and then you repay them the entirety of the bond plus the fee they charge to pay your bond. For clients without a substantial amount of money, a bail bondsman may be the only type of business service that can help you stay out of jail until your trial or until your charges are dismissed. They do an infinite amount of good for inmates who are falsely charged with crimes they didn't commit.

Anyone who is facing a potential arrest should either have that money ready to pay the bond later OR hire a bail bondsman to pay the bond for you. If you do this, you're going to have a lot more peace of mind as you sit in jail because you know you're going to be released as soon as the court sees you've paid your bond.
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