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Features of recovery software in free and paid version

In this digital world, data is increasing rapidly with huge amount. People are choosing laptop to store their data in all formats. There are many security related reasons that third party also interested to know about your data and they try to hack it or get it in anyway. Due to this, there are many reasons that data become corrupt and user will be no longer has the access right of data. First, it is good to know about all reasons of data loss so that user can avoid those reasons.
Reasons of data corruption are:
  • Human errors
  • Clicking or grinding sounds from hard drive
  • Hard drive is not detected by all systems or system fails to boot your hard drive
  • Sudden startup failure
  • Sudden system shut down also cause for file corruption
  • Fans in your system moving too slowly or does not move at all
So, user must have to data backup on specific time. If you are not interested to create backup, then download data recovery software in your system. This is the software that helps you to recover all corrupted data in correct from in storage devices.
Features of data recovery software:
  • User has option to import or export results of scanning whenever needed
  • Two options are here for scanning purpose, one is deep scan mode and other is quick scan mode
  • Data can be recover either it has lost from any reasons such as deletion, formatting or corruption
  • After completion of scanning, preview option is here so that check that desired file is recovered or not
These are the features are enabled in all recovery software such as free data recovery software or paid recovery software. Paid recovery software also has many advanced features which are:
  • Upgrading of software will be free for lifetime
  • License type issue for user
  • Technical support for lifetime
  • Scanning results will have option for import and export

There are number of features are also added in new versions of data recovery which are supported in both free and paid software. Before downloading software in your system from webpage, user checks that he is downloading latest version of the software. Extra features of latest version of data recovery software are:
  • Recover video files (.mov) more efficiently
  • Optimized user interface so that user will have smart and better experience
  • Improvement has been done for recovery of NTFS file system partition
  • After completion of scanning process, user is able to find out the file or folder by name
Users have saved their data on many places such as PC, laptop, external hard drive, smart phones, memory cards, digital camera, SSD cards, USB flash drive, pen drive. Using recovery software, data is recoverable from all storage devices and even recycle bin recovery is also possible. For example, user has deleted a file by mistake and it is needed by him immediately, then uses recovery software and get back file within less time.
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