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Knowing the Parts of the Camera: Thrill of Photography

For those with a creative eye, there is nothing more exciting than photography. To understand the feeling, you can begin with a point-and-shoot camera and click a few pictures. When you see the photographs you have taken, you understand the power of creation. This is a separate satisfaction in this and it becomes infinite when you realize that the world is open and waiting for you and your camera.

Parts of the camera

For the casual photographer, knowledge of the camera basics and the types of photography will help. They can join one of the photography diploma courses in Delhi to become thorough with the fundamentals. This involves learning about the parts of the camera and their uses. One also learns about the different elements of the photograph and how to make the picture beautiful. The main parts of a camera are these:
  1. Aperture
  2. Body
  3. Lens
  4. Memory card
  5. Shutter release
  6. Viewfinder
  7. LCD screen
  8. Image sensor
Though these features will vary to some extent in different brands, almost all have the above-mentioned features. The aperture is the opening in the front of the camera. It allows the light to pass through to the inside of the camera. If you open the aperture more, then more light will pass through making the picture bright and clear. But, this may not always be necessary as in the case of low-light portrait photography.

Choose a light body camera

The body is the external dimensions of the entire camera. Each brand has its own particular look. So, the grip on the camera will change according to the brand. This we call as the feel of the camera and help you to handle the camera in a smooth way. It helps if the camera body is light but it is not a compulsion.

Next, we see the lens which remains fixed for the point-and-shoot cameras and inter-changeable for high-end cameras. In the low-end cameras, you may have zoom facility. This helps you make the picture clearer.

In the high-end cameras, one can choose the lens according to the situation. If one wants to take pictures of the countryside, then one uses a landscape photography lens such as the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM which is a wide angle lens or a Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6 lens which needs only 3 feet distance from the subject. The memory card is optional but you must have one to store your pictures.

Become a professional photographer

If you aspire to make your money working for the ecommerce sector, you must join the professional ecommerce photography institute in Delhi. They will groom you and bring you up to snuff in all the needed aspect of photography.

You have to learn about the shutter release that is the speed at which the shutter on the camera works. If you set a slow release on the shutter, it allows more light to enter the camera. You may not need this if you take action photos because the picture will appear blurred.

The viewfinder, LCD screen, and the image sensor work to view and capture the image. You will get the hang of it as you get more experience with the camera.
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